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17th September 2016

For much more than half my life, I have been a nurse.  I have worked through the night; been awake for days on end without sleep, worked shifts starting at 7 am, or 10pm, or 7pm or 3pm, and developed an immunity to the effects of caffeine (but still abuse the magical powers of coffee!!).

Being a nurse is as much a part of me as being mother is.  It is part of what makes me ‘me’.  I have witnessed some amazing events, some humbling ones, and some incredibly horrific ones.  I have laughed, I have cried, and have experienced just about everything else in between.

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Motherhood, Work Life Balance

Thinking out loud

20th July 2015

A journal.
Do we even journal honestly? Like “today, my day was totally shit; I did nothing but crave ice-cream and M & M’s from about 10am onwards. I wanted to stay in my pajamas and not talk to anyone, anyone at all. I did not want to even talk to my kids. I just wanted to read in my bed and stay warm and not be responsible for anyone or anything”. Instead, I spilled three litres of milk all over the floor courtesy of little helpers. I yelled until my voice was hoarse at kids that choose to listen to their inner voices and just do whatever the fu*# they choose too. I then tried to go to the shops to do groceries. On the way out to the car Brendan kicked Caitlyn, Caitlyn cried, screamed and then took justice. Emma then fell over and I ended up with three out of four kids crying. Right now I am just reveling in the motherhood thing. Living the dream right? Right.

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Sunshine & Rainbows..*cough

23rd June 2015

This not an adequate description of parenting. It is NOT all sunshine, rainbows, and happy times! It certainly has a good dusting of these, but these are the good bits. It is predominantly made up of tears, frustration, teamwork, routine, sleeplessness, more tears and arguments and negotiations. It is like working on a negotiation then to have to start all over again because the goal posts have shifted. It is like being outnumbered every day. It is a regime; dictated by four tiny humans that constantly amaze me with how intelligent they are.

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Motherhood, Work Life Balance


1st June 2015

Most days I find myself rushing on through just about everything to do with getting ready. I generally multitask and tend to only really glance in the mirror quickly as opposed to standing and looking properly.   I am not ashamed or in disgust with myself. I am just busy. At least that is what I tell myself.

The other evening, long after the kids were in the land of nod, I did have a look. A look at me; who I am and who I have become. I was blown away by how much you can miss by not observing yourself – really looking I mean. Fine lines, wrinkles, bags and all the rest – they are all ok – they are testament to life.  What I really noticed was my eyes. They are not sparkling, bright or dancing (the only real ways I could think of describing eyes!!).   They are tired. There is no fire left in them – they are almost like a fire that is just about to burn out. I am not trying to sound melodramatic here, but life, work, family and all the other things entwine, it becomes, for me at least, very easy to fall into the trap of giving to everyone before I worry about myself.

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Motherhood, Work Life Balance

Mothering…the road full of pot holes

20th May 2015

If you had of asked me 8 years ago what I thought this ‘mothering’ thing was going to be like; I would have no doubt been clueless. Mainly because I had a baby who did not do much other than feed, babble and sleep (eventually).  Ask me now, four kids in total later, and I still don’t think I know.  I suspect being a mother is inherent in most of us – whether we have kids or not, because we care, nurture and help so many people – even our kid/s!

Mother’s Day has been and gone for this year, and I celebrated mine a week late as we were not able to celebrate on the ‘real day’.  I love Mother’s Day.  I get all choked up with tears with the little hand made cards, comments written by teachers verbatim from my kids.  I love it. I love their insight of *me* – of who I am to them.  That is what means so much to me.  I know how I am, but how they see me – I love the  naked and raw truth of it jotted down in cards, or by caring teachers who may not always be mothers, but always know how important it is to mums!  (thank you to all my kids teachers, who always have more patience than I for filling out cards, surveys and stories about their Mum!).

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