23 Months…..

8th June 2012

Well today the trio are officially 23 months old – so in one month, I will have 3  two year olds – better you than me I hear you mutter!

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly they change and how quickly you forget that they didn’t have that much hair, that cheeky a grin only months ago.  Emma’s mop of curls is midway down her back now!  Caitlyn still has the Krusty the Clown image going on with the side and front tufts….Brendan, well he has what could be deemed as a rat’s tail.  And he is such a ranga!

Hayden is loving school and is reading so well now.  It is not just the sight words, he can actually read. He is sounding out words on his own and spelling them – current words he has done ‘all by himself’ include – Bogan, Feral, Grot, Snot, Bum.  I guess it shows that I have a bit of a potty mouth but I suppose is far better than the F-Bomb!

It sounds so lame, but I seriously cannot believe where this year has gone!  It is June for goodness sakes!  I suppose that means EOFS sales – but alas am after nothing big ticketed, so will stick to boring stuff like necessities!!

I have bought a sewing machine – am so proud!  It is still sitting in its box, awaiting opening – as I am at the point where I have to be ‘sure’ about how to use it.  I am lining up a sewing night with a mate so she can run through the basics with me – can’t wait – craft night! I have wanted to sew ‘properly’ for years, and have had a few half arsed attempts – but never a sewing machine!  I have ordered some Stampin’ Up fabric (SOOOOO pretty!) so am waiting to play with that too!  I have three small projects to start with – got some plain calico which Hayden and I are going to stamp (with his Stampin’ Up! selection of Dinosaurs, Trains and Fox & Friends!) and then that will be his library bag.  It is an ‘urgent’ item to be made as his library bag for school is ‘just for school Mummy’ and he needs a library bag for our regional library.  The library is such an amazing place – Griffith City Council Library is a kazillion times better (miss it heaps – mainly because of certain people :/) and Hayden is so excited about going every fortnight.  He has one stamp left on his reading up card and he gets a certificate!  The only issue with the Strathpine library is that the kids ‘play’ area is right near an alarmed fire exit door.  Emma finds this hilarious, and has managed to set it off three times.  Needless to say the library staff are very familiar with my tribe, and generally man the door when we are in the building!


Back to the projects!  The calico bag will be hand stamped with love and a young boys dreams, and will be for his special library books.  The next project – quilt thingys (well just quilts I guess) for the trio.  Making them for a toddler bed side (no they are NOT going into beds  yet!!!!).  Trekked out to Spotlight on Monday and had a ball with my gorgeous sister in law who helped herd the kids and generally minimise the chaos.  Miss Caitlyn did most of the fabric selection, Emma was fairly neutral and liked anything she saw, Caitlyn far more selective and picky!  It was very amusing!  So (or should I say sew…) have all the stuff and need to get into it.  My third project will be making a bag out of the gorgeous Stampin’ Up Twitterpated fabric – can’t wait!


I have been doing the Project 365 app via iPhone – and let me tell you – it is amazing!  It is quirky and picks up the most minute details of my day that often is overlooked.  Moments that send you doubling over in fits of laughter and are soon so easily forgotten in a weeks time.  I started on January 1, so have got a photo for every day of the year so far.  There is no theme, it is just a snapshot of a moment of a day, or an event etc.  It is amazing looking back at some of the months and seeing (and remembering!!!) what happened on that day.  total cost of 99c – so worth it!  It is also really cool to see the subtle changes in the kids – they are not babies any more and are most definitely little people, and their faces have changed, they are taller, pants are shorter, shoes are smaller and at least through this I can see it!

They even look huge in their car seats now! It is just amazing how quickly they grow, thrive and learn.  The trio have their own communication system, but words we can understand (as lay, non-tripletarians and just parents or siblings) are –

  • hello
  • bye bye
  • nigh nigh
  • nukka nukka (dummy brand and their name for dummy)
  • Nana (as in banana)
  • Yoge (as in yoghurt)
  • Thank oo
  • Pwease
  • Hayden (sooooo cute when Emma says this)
  • Mummy
  • Daddy
  • Nanny
  • Caitlyn calls Emma ‘Mmma’
  • Brendan just calls everyone – there ‘it’ is
  • Boo
  • Smelly poo poo
  • Bad poo poo
  • Weeeeeeeee
  • Face
  • Hat
  • Shoes
  • Toes
  • How come
  • Whats going on here
  • righto

I could go on for ages!  It truly is amazing listening to them agree on something of great import amongst themselves and then set out to do it.  Have had major issues lately with wall art – textas on walls, bannisters and carpet….ah well!

So another week goes by, friends newborns, are not newborns anymore and are ‘months’ old…oh my goodness!

Need to make an extra day a week – name it friend day where all that is required of anyone is to spend time with friends – no work, no kids, no inferences!  Ultimately, this is what I will reminisce over in 40 years time, the cup of crap coffee with a  mate more than a grocery shop or something inane…

Happy Friday!

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  • Reply Andrea 8th June 2012 at 11:21

    Hey Ali, and you have time to blog too!!! You are amazing. Note I am steering clear of the craft compliment (only because its out of my realm of comprehension) but I respect your passion! Keep smiling. Luv ya guts. andrea

    • Reply Ali Moloney 8th June 2012 at 23:41

      Thanks Andrea:) I could see your era rolling ad skin crawling at the thought of craft!! Love your guts right back x

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