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5th November 2012









 A new home – and all our’s (well mostly St George’s!!!).  A home from the get go as it is so incredibly perfect for us all.  My kids will now have a birthday in this house every year, as opposed to a birthday in a different house every year!


So, with best laid plans, I have set out my pantry, totally tupperware style!  I realise now, I probably need a few more tupperware containers, so if anyone knows a demonstrator – send them my way!  I have a kitchen to die for!  I am so in love!  A six burner stove (gas) and a double oven.  My cooking time is halved!  Hoorah!!



Talk about dream home!

Moving has been far from fun.  There are still boxes lurking from our last move, and to be honest, I think they are full of crap!  We culled so very much stuff, with boxes of clothes given to good homes and to charity.  I think the Lifeline down the road were sick of us!  We have culled the toys – headless dolls, missing bits, broken toys – all GONE!  The were 3 hours late – so the cots were coming off the truck at 7pm – yep, a massive 2 hours past their bed time, and on their only day care day so they were particularly tired, feral and bouncing off the walls!  That being said, they were good – just excited about a new house and getting to ‘know’ it.

On the day we moved in, we discovered a few things we actually did not know.  We have a laundry chute.  So incredibly cool!  It drops the clothes into a cupboard straight into the laundry.  Simple, but uber cool!  Hayden is so rapt he gets to put his clothes in it!  We also have cupboards that have the soft close – don’t know the technical term, but they don’t slam – how lovely!  We also have a fully enclosed back yard that kids nor animal can escape!  It is divine!  The other cool thing – we have a Harry Potter Room  – the cupboard under the stairs!  It is huge (and currently not for displaying as it is chocked with boxes to hide them!!)

There is something to be said about the finality of moving.  I am going to grow old in this house, and have already told my husband I will die in it!  I am NOT moving again! Ever!  The next time will be shipping the kids off and they can do most of the work with their young muscles!  I am so incredibly proud of both my husband and I for getting a home!  I know we have another house, but it was never our home, as we did it up (incredibly well I might add) and then discovered we were pregnant with triplets, and moved up to Brisbane.  So we lived in it for a total of 6 weeks!  With one solid year of reno’s 🙁  



The first bath in our home 🙂

So, while moving is painful, the pain is somewhat eased with the notion that this is hopefully the last time I have to change electoral rolls, and addresses, and all that stuff that goes with moving….

In other news, we have had a very busy few months to say the very least!  The kids are growing like weeds, and here is the most recent family portrait taken by the talented Kate Scott, at Little Images Alderlely



I am so blessed to have four beautiful kids, that are perfect in every way to me.  I love this picture!  They have all grown so much, from tiny 2kg babies, (Brendan, Emma & Caitlyn) and Hayden at 4.2kgs, to these walking, talking, eating and mess making machines!  

We have also done usual Moloney weekend trips to Southbank – we were lucky enough to see the light spectacular, and the beautiful lanterns!




These were both a part of the September Festival of Brisbane.  So much cool stuff for free!  And just gorgeous walking through Southbank.  We still attract the stares with the prams and number of kids in them, but it is getting easier to tolerate now.


Many a lazy Sunday has been spent strolling on through here.  Cannot wait until it is warmer to get the kids swimming there again!

September also saw the wedding of two beautiful friends of ours.  



The wedding was just beautiful.  It was also a lovely excuse to get away to Noosa for a few nights.  Interesting trying to get the kids to sleep at night – no cots, just beds, so it was tiring to be honest!  The light switches and everything in the unit was at 2 year old level – so fans were on, lights were on, you name it.  The highlight would have to have been when we hired a babysitter (who thought they were joking when they told her triplet 2 year olds) was locked out of the kids room, and was sitting at the steps hoping they would let her in.  We went back over to check on them, and when we went into the room, Miss Caitlyn had proceeded to rip almost every single page of the Gideon’s bible out and thrown it rather decoratively all over the room.  Baby sitter mortified.  Limited odds of having a win with triplets!

We got out and had a jaunt on the river in a boat (a few things overboard – namely dummies!) and had a blissful day soaking up the sun and beauty.  All the kids had a go at driving!


And the trio in some gorgeous fig trees


And our special Hayden & big brother at the wedding – 


I must admit, the chocolate placecards were divine – and made it very apparent how we had taken up pretty much one table!!


As the year winds down, I am also really aware of the fact that Hayden has almost completed his first year of school!  He has coped so incredibly well and is doing so incredibly well.  He is reading books, enjoying it too.  He does make me laugh when we try to get him to practice his handwriting – he thinks it does not matter how neat or messy it is, as palaeontologists will just use an iPad on site and draw and write it like that.  How society has changed eh?  Needless to say, we don’t allow that to stop him from practicing!  He has won a few awards – student of the week, superstar (a model based on using the 5 C’s – courtesy, courage, compassion, common sense and I always forget the fifth one…) and he also (Daddy is super proud) won the Air Guitar Competition!  He recants the win as ‘I only won, as in my head I was totally rocking out to the Foo Fighters’.  The kid is a riot to say the very least!


One thing I have done this year, which I am so glad I did, is the Project 365.  It is basically a photo of the day, every day.  I am yet to miss one (a feat I am so proud of!).  I look back on the months and look at the tiny seemingly inconsequential things that are so amazing to have had captured and am amazed at the growth, change and experiences we have all had this year.  Here is last months – (I learnt how to do this ‘screenshot’ of a month thingy through Tamar – super crafty, smart and savvy with apps!!!)


Anyway, that is a rather lengthy post!  I will try not to be so absent!  Will post about Halloween soon – we had a great party for Hayden on the weekend, despite only moving in a few weeks ago, we managed to have a useable house for a party (and of course the back yard!).

Happy happy Monday!


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