Camping with the trio…

7th October 2013


Well we did it! We delayed as long as we could and thought that ‘now would be a good time’!! Three nights of camping with the three year old trio and our beautiful six year old. And we all survived to tell the tale!

We pondered every possible escape route, and thought of seemingly every way to stop to stop them! We stayed at a ‘family friendly’ camping ground at Yamba, NSW. And it was gorgeous!


The drive down was longer than anticipated with way to much traffic and about a thousand ‘are we there yet’s’ (I think the average was 200+ per child!!).
But there was some gorgeous scenery to pass the time; and of course Peppa Pig. That pig brings my four to complete silence – and I think every parent loves Peppa for that very reason!

We saw one of the “Big” things of Australia on the trip through Ballina – the big prawn. Emma’s comment “what is the prawn doing outside of Bunnings” was quite apt – as I’m still wondering the same thing!!


But nonetheless, it was another Aussie icon seen!

The set up of the tent was far quicker than anticipated. There was much excitement! The kids were amazed by the tents, amount of other kids, and lack of roads! Having four little helpers is good….mostly…so after the main ‘bits’ were done I went in search of food and left Jase with a couple of kids (Hayden the super helper & Caitlyn who for once was compliant!).



Our set up was basic, but it was just right! We had to cable tie the windows and doors every night to ensure no ‘escapees’ during the night!

Day one – started at 0430, with the sun rising and four very excited kids! It was just a tad colder than we had expected – dew on the ground and the kids were even cold! The request for breakfast was “porridge in a pot” cooked on out little gas cooker. And it was delicious!!!


We had time to pass as the pool didn’t open until 9am! So we had a wander around and the kids jumped a storm on the big trampoline like pillow. The swimming pool was made for kids and was amazing! We spent so much time there over the three days – the kids would have blue lips near sunset but still refuse to leave!!



They had so much fun! The days seemed to go on forever – I think at one stage we thought it must almost be dinner time only to be stunned to learn it was 2pm!! We were always moving and doing something and the kids had a ball!

We ventured to the beach which was just stunning! There were humpback whales breaching just off shore and gorgeous scenery to boot. Our little dreamer Emma said about this picture ‘Mummy we live in such a beautiful world’


She and Caitlyn took great delight in looking at the butterflies, picking the wild flowers and just revelling in the sheer beauty of the coastline. It was gorgeous watching all the kids explain “things” to one another!




It was a beautiful spot, and despite the trepidation of camping with the kids, it was an amazing little get away for all of us . The kids are still talking about it and asking when we can go back!! Jason is now wanting to upgrade our tent to a camper trailer…and it would be well worthwhile! It’s such a great way to spend time together. No timelines other than our own and good clean fun!

We did have to make a dash to Target Country for some jumpers though! It was brisk in the mornings! We had checked the weather, but it was colder than we thought! So they all had $5 sale jumpers – to tide them over!

Bed time came early for everyone each night – from sheer exhaustion! The kids all shared one end of the tent and the middle was our storage. We had colour coded boxes (as per the kids favourite colours) for ease of grabbing things for them. The kids loved it, and took great pride in putting their things away for a change!!! We bought some technology with us, and the kids had a movie to watch before bed to wind down – mind you, they were almost falling asleep watching it!!


I love that all four have chosen their “own” colour and are aware of whose is whose. Even the towels are colour coded! It’s simple for them and us though.


Hayden is green – and always has been, B blue, Emma is orange and Caitlyn is pink.

Thank goodness for IKEA – they have the kids plates and cups etc in those colours also!!

So for three full days we had a busy but absolutely amazing time. There was sand, sun and loads of fun! So much so that the kids were horrified that we were going home! We have been able to placate them with the promise of return before Christmas (and we are!). They still can’t stop talking about camping – the “pirate pool” “tent” and “the beach” are the main focuses!

We got plenty of stares with the kids – especially come shower or toilet time (“are they all yours” and “are they all the same age” were the common comments) but nothing more than the usual! Our “neighbours” asked how we were still sane!

Camping was a winner and here is one of my favourite shots –


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