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8th August 2014

Some days the days seem to stretch into seemingly weeks, and I get a bit bogged down in the  mundane tasks that we do every day.  Washing, cleaning, cooking, hanging out the washing, you get it right?  The tasks that take up time every day and get in the way of ‘fun’ things. And by fun things I really mean sleep.  Or silence.  Haha!

Right now we are in winter.  A winter where almost every day is over 22 degrees and sitting in the sunshine is just glorious!  We have been enjoying the outside play a great deal; with the kids declaring that it is “just right weather”.  What this means is basically they are happy to run around all day and not be bothered.  They have been playing a great deal of frisbee chucking, chasies and generally running around and screaming about being chased by a zombie.  Or a creeper.  (Minecraft is very loved in this house).  They hide in their cubby house for the creepers to pass.  Or the zombie pigman to get away.  It is hysterical listening to them shush each other in hope that they don’t get spotted.  Their imaginations are limitless, and hilarious. 


Many days it is much easier to focus on the boring stuff – like the washing.  And hanging it out.  And then having to unhang it, fold it and put it away, only to do the same thing all over again in 2 days time.  Fun right? 


Shift the focus from the clothes and we have some frisbee chucking legends and a yard full of happy kids (and dogs!!).  Some days I have to really force myself to *stop* being a Mother, and to be a Mum.  A Mum who doesn’t worry so much about the washing and has fun flying crappy handmade kites and chucking frisbees.  Routine is what I strive to maintain, but sometimes, a polite little one finger salute to routine is what we all need!  I can’t remember when I laughed so much, and when the kids couldn’t draw breath because we were all crap at throwing the frisbee.  We had such a fun afternoon that involved no screens (iPads or TV) for the kids, or work for me.  It was great!

Whilst I know that one of my strengths in rearing these kids has been routine, I can appreciate how much fun it is to ignore routine every once in a while.  I know I can often feel ‘uneasy’ when Jason comes home and we go off on some half cracked adventure for the day when it is washing, mail or something day.  I always worry about catching up and falling behind.  Sounds crazy I am sure, but it is how I organise and get all my crap done!  I guess the trick for me is going to be finding balance.  Now that I have three four year olds and a seven year old, their needs for me change and they can do some things unsupervised. 

I suppose balance and a healthy dose of perspective is the key.  So now I am off to re-jig our routine and see what I can do to be a little more ‘fun’!!


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