December Daily

19th December 2013

This year, as I have done for a few years now, I do the December Daily – a jam packed month with so much happening everyday, that recording the “everyday” is such a wonderful keepsake of all the family events, school concerts and of course, Christmas.  The concept and name is from Ali Edwards.  


Here is my cover – a mix of ideas from Ali Edwards, Pinterest and Instagram.  It’s not perfect but I’m happy with it!  I have completed December one – and the focus is not so much on Christmas, but on little things that happened on December and the new traditions we are starting as a family (Charlie, our elf on the shelf).  Here are the pages.  I have used a very gorgeous stamp set from Polly! Scrap Kits – available here –




I love how much Caitlyn is so willing to try and climb up “way high up mummy” just to see what birds can see. I love the three year old view into the world. 



I love the birds of a feather stamp and can see a million ways to use it! What I really likes bout the December Daily, is watching the wonder and excitement unfold – daily – on the lead up to Christmas. We have had a great deal of fun with Charlie in our house!


I love Christmas!!

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