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15th January 2013

I just love the wonder and delight of children. A view totally untainted by anything! Flowers are wondrous and you can spend all day looking at them! Same as clouds! And the laughter, I wish it could be bottled! I just love hearing my kids laugh. It’s the loveliest sound 🙂

When my kids have a nap, I love that when they wake up they are so happy to see you – I get surrounded by them – all wanting a ‘huggle’ and a kids and with them all saying over and over ‘mummy mummy, hi mummy!’ With the occasional ‘luff you’ in the mix. It’s indescribable how noisy it is and how no matter how crappy a day you are having, this can lift your spirits. And it’s not just Brendan, Emma and Caitlyn that do that! Hayden, bless his beautiful soul, still is so happy to see you when he wakes up, or when he hasn’t seen you. It’s just beautiful, I wonder how long it will last for.

In an effort to try and remember all of this, and little quirks like ‘apple trees’ I am competing Project Life. I have completed week two and am so happy with the simplicity and format. I really don’t realise sometimes how much we fit into a week on this moloney mayhem!!! This week I used a mini kit from Polka Dot Creative and a few little bits from Seafoam from Becky Higgins. The kit was not something I normally would have used – and that is why I really wanted to use it! I think it looks great – and I even used parts of the packaging in my pages!!





I really think this is such a wonderful way to capture our lives. We are all so busy, and I do focus on the things that are not south fun like work so often that I forget what else fills up my day! I also am impressed with the time factor – this page is simple, and that is the aim, so it doesn’t take long. This took about ~40 mins? And most of that was my indecision!!!

I hope to look at each week differently now with Project Life in mind. I know I take enough photos, and I just need to make it all mean more than a picture! I have been looking at other people’s pages and getting so much inspiration! It is amazing how many different takes there are on similar things!

In other news, toilet training is starting – Toilet Training Triplets – TTT!! It’s very novel and I suspect it’s going to take quite a while! Try listening to three giggling toddlers and keep a straight face! They all stripped down nuddy too!!


So stay tuned to how many accidents there are!!

The Moloney’s also have two new pets – we rescued two adult cats from the RSPCA last week. Nelix (6) and Sushi (1) (who was named Suki but kids can’t say it!). They are both adjusting well and are very lovely!!



Moloney Mayhem is so fitting!

Happy Tuesday everyone 🙂

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  • Reply jodieyork 15th January 2013 at 11:38

    Thank you for your mention Ali. Love how you used that frame! Love how you used the packaging 🙂 Love the amount of journaling you included in your week. That is just as important as the photos. Love how you put the vellum 3×4 cards over the patterned papers. I totally agree with you. This format of memory keeping is perfect for those of us who are time poor yet love recording the everyday moments, especially those soft little moment in our babies lives. And would you believe, I had a dog as a kid called Sushi 😉 Great post xxx

    • Reply Ali Moloney 15th January 2013 at 12:04

      Thanks so much for your lovely comments Jodie!! I loved your kit and had fun playing! I am totally loving PL and am being inspired by wonderful creative people such as you x

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