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Falling Back to Earth

26th February 2014

One of my goals as a parent is to give my kids some form of culture – other than from the dairy aisle at the supermarket!  We frequent the museum a fair bit (but have not been in for a while) and also the Science Centre.  On Saturday, we went to see the amazing exhibit by Cai Guo Quing – “Falling Back to Earth“.

Now, there was considerable talking to’s for the kids.  Lots of ‘Don’t touch *anything*’, “Look with your eyes and not your hands”, “listen to the direction of the staff”, “Please, please, please, no running”, and a few more pleading phrases.  I had four sets of very determined eyes locked with mine agreeing to my terms, and to please please please mummy, please take us to see the falling back to earth show.  I had shown them the overview on GOMA’s website, and they were intrigued to say the least.  I have been wanting to see it for so long, and on Saturday, decided it was as good as time as any.

Quite often, and I think you can count on one hand, my kids are literally speechless.  I mean – totally, without speech, open mouthed, wide eyed, and completely still.  Walking into the room with the animals at the drinking hole was one of these times.  This exhibit is called “Heritage 2013”.  B stood, completely overawed, and was almost in shock!  I did have to move them out of the way of passing visitors, and it was like moving statues.  They were so amazed.  This is our first glimpse –

Totally AMAZING!

Totally AMAZING!

There were security guards stationed throughout the exhibit – around four in each room and a few in between.  Caitlyn introduced herself to every single one – “Hello man, my name is Caitlyn, my Mummy told me you would kick me out if I did not listen to her, she is over there (points) and I am listening to her”.  I think only one of them managed to keep a straight face!

We spent a good 15 minutes in each room.  I personally would like to have spent longer, but the kids start to get more inquisitive, and I worry that they will do something detrimental!  Their questions were so insightful.  Emma proclaimed ‘this is not real at all, everybody knows that Kangaroos and Wolves and Giraffes are not in the same country”!  Caitlyn was just fairly happy to stay a good distance from the tigers as they were ‘a bit scary’.

Hayden worked out that the water was real as it was ‘moving, not just a reflection’ – and he was right!  Here are a few more pictures –

Zebra's - just gorgeous

Zebra’s – just gorgeous

IMG_2278We then made our way to the next room – this was the “Head On” exhibit – with hundreds of life size wolves.  B was apt – he called it a rainbow of wolves – as they arch up into the skyline.  Here is a few visuals –

Head On!

Head On!

Wolf Rainbow!

Wolf Rainbow!

IMG_2320The room is massive, and it is quite deceiving just how large this is.  Needless to say, there was room to run, and after about 7 minutes I had a couple of kids running down the side (no where near the wolves), so it was time to call it a day.  I will take Hayden back sans trio for a good long look before the exhibit closes (May 2014).

We were walking back from GOMA over to the QLD Museum.  Hayden, who had obviously been thinking a great deal about art, and creativity, said ‘it takes courage to be an artist, because people could think what you did was crap, and you still have to see those people and keep making art and stuff.  You would have to be really tough and brave I reckon”.  A seven year olds insight into the no doubt self-doubting world of an artist!  So incredibly apt!

We made it to the museum, which is so familiar to them that they have their routine and order of how we look at each section.  The new exhibit on Queensland fossils is pretty cool!  The subtle changes here and there are always noticed, and with each visit I am thankful that we have such a wonderful environment where kids can pull out books, ask questions, touch things, look at animals and fossils, some even under a microscope, and just have fun with science, without the need for quiet!  They can be kids.  It is so interactive, and informative.  With every visit, I still think they all walk away with a little bit of knowledge or at least an experience they will remember.  And that can only be a good thing!




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