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I Blinked..

1st February 2015

Today I realised how fast time does fly.  I had minimal warning, thanks to a change in legislation very late last year, which meant that the trio were actually eligible this year for school instead of next year.  I was not all together prepared for them to start school this year – don’t get me wrong, I am absolutely ok with it, as I think it will be a massive benefit to them, but I had worked on Kindy (again) this year,  and Prep for 2016.  So this week, they started school.  Three little Preppies and a Grade Three’er.  Feels as though I blinked and it has all happened so fast.

First night home - 2 1/2 weeks old

From their first night home after 13 days in hospital..

To an ever constant and extremely awesome big brother who was about 3 3/4 here – watching over his 3 month old siblings.


To cheeky little monkeys, full of their own personalities, and about 5 teeth between them at 6 months old.

Busted, trashing the bathroom 2 weeks ago!

To mischievous 18 month olds who would wander as a pack, and destroy just about anything they could.  We lived with no dining chairs, they were all put away as they were used as climbing devices.  For just about anything.  All of this could happen in the 30 seconds it would take you to get a nappy in the bin after changing them.


To going in to them in the morning – singing, laughing to some jokes you don’t understand to a bond you can only observe.  Caitlyn would (and still does) wake everyone up every morning.  She would also always manage to get her grobag off, and usually her PJ’s as well.  That cheeky look she is giving is a permanent fixture on her face!  Three sets of eyes on you as soon as you walk in – it is a wonderful feeling – they are always happy to see you!

It felt like eons ago already that Hayden started Prep.  Little, almost 5 year old, heading off into the world of education.  He was so nervous.  I was a blubbering mess when I dropped him off.  He was so little –

He flourished, and continues to amaze me.  His journey from Prep to Grade 2 so far has been an amazing one – he has realised all that he can do (which is such a privilege to watch), can see a great deal of what he has to learn in front of him, but has continually worked hard on getting over the speed bumps he has – handwriting,  and fine motor skills – he works at it, I nag occasionally and he just gets it done.  He is not always emotionally a 7 year old – and I think maybe I am to blame for that as I often talk to him as a peer in some respects – meaning I ask him what he thinks, what he reckons and what he would do.  Because in all honesty, I value his opinion.  And I put great value in the fact that he can formulate his own responses.  His thoughts on the kids going to school – “Well, it will be a bit hard for Caitlyn as she won’t be able to do things when she wants to do them all the time – she will have to wait to eat her biscuits”.  Cracked me up.  Because not much can come between Caitlyn and biscuits.


So on Thursday, for the first time ever, I had four children at school.  Yes, school.  Three Preppies, and one Grade Three’er.  WOW!  It feels as though some time has flown by – and then I think of three newborn babies – feeding, not knowing really what day it was, just getting it done.  In charge of three fiesty newborns – three babies who all wanted Mummy at the same time, and as they got bigger it got trickier to hold all three at once.  Three babies who I fed, clothed, bathed and loved to such depths I never thought possible.  My heart, permanently split into five bits – one for each of my kids and of course a bit for Jase.  Thinking back – I recall so many things that have been stored in the Mummy Hard-drive.  Gastro in four young kids – wearing vomit, washing never ending piles of clothes, the smell.  Moments like first steps, first teeth, first words, all etched in my mind – but they too feel like so very long ago, already.  So I realise how important first days at school are.  But let me just tell you how significant it is to put a uniform on your child for the first time – moments preceding, they were kids, slap on the uniform, and they are a school kid!  It is amazing.  Here they are Thursday morning –


The uniform (is so cute!!) changes them big time in my eyes.  They are a part of school now, and now I will likely have to fight for their intellectual attention, because Miss ______ said….. and so it goes.  It is a big milestone.  One that when you are holding your newborn(s) in your arms, you see – in the very very distant future.  Like aaa-aaaa-ges away.  And now it is here.  They are ready, I know this.  They will have so much fun, learning, laughing and growing.  And in 39 weeks time, Prep will be done and dusted, and they will be heading into Grade 1.  Time flies.  It really does.  Moments pass, and unless I record them somehow, I won’t remember.  I think I used to shrug off the ‘blink and you will miss it’ comments from mums with older kids – not really appreciating how fast the early years go.  Sometimes, in the moment of arsenic hour, you feel like the day has 56 hours instead of 24, and that you have been awake for all of them, the kids won’t sleep, nothing is settling them, and you wonder, ‘when will this end’?  A month later, a year later and you are fighting totally different battles.  Motherhood is warfare.  Kids are both an enemy and an ally, sometimes both at the same time.  Here is the start of the next bit of their childhood and my motherhood journey.  It is frightening, it is amazing, and like always, I feel as though I make it up as I go.  I don’t know how to navigate this year of three Preppies and a Grade Three’er – what I will need to do, how to go about it, what troubles we might encounter.  I guess I will find it all out.  Words cannot even begin to describe how proud I am of all my kids – warts and all, how do you continue to be even more proud?  My heart is full, their minds are open and engaged, look out world!



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  • Reply Beth 1st February 2015 at 11:09

    Wonderful story of how time does
    Go by in a blink (with a lot of 56 hour days in there as well – how does that even work out ??). I hope they all enjoy the adventure of school as I’m sure they will. Hope you’re adjusting a little bit to the change – a bit more time for yourself (and coffee catch ups !!)

    • Reply Ali 1st February 2015 at 11:27

      I am sure they will be fine – me, I will just have to get used to it! And YES to coffee catch ups 🙂

  • Reply Sian Barnard 1st February 2015 at 13:26

    Love it!!! It warms my heart as both a mother and a teacher to see the enthusiasm of both you and the kidlets!! It is an exciting time the first year of school and oh yes you will be fighting for their intellectual attention now because Miss ??? will become a repository of all knowledge who is not to be reckoned with…. My Lilly has also just entered Grade 3 and it is a big one – the first year of Primary and what will be her first experience of NAPLAN!?!?? I am a teacher and should know what to expect from the school side of things but am very much making it up as I go along – faking it until I make it some days. Just sit back and enjoy the ride……….

    • Reply Ali 2nd February 2015 at 09:31

      Thanks Sian – you always say such lovely things! And yep – NAPLAN – Hayden is doing that this year too – WOW! I think faking it until you make it some days is a survival tool 🙂

  • Reply Gordy's Sister 1st February 2015 at 15:01

    Love every single thing you wrote. You are one special mum. Hugs.

    • Reply Ali 2nd February 2015 at 09:31

      Thanks gorgeous XO

  • Reply shannon@ my2morrows 4th February 2015 at 07:26

    Beautifully Written Ali. Such a huge milestone. Thinking of those baby years it certainly rings true when they say “the days are long but the years are short”.


    • Reply Ali 8th February 2015 at 14:24

      Hi Shannon & thank you for your lovely comment.
      So true – the days are long haha!!

    Leave a Reply to shannon@ my2morrows Cancel Reply