6th May 2012

The other night I stumbled across this most spectacular web. It was backlit by moonlight (being a full moon and all – and let me tell you I was so glad to not be working last night!!!). Anyway, back to the story at hand…..I was admiring the intricacy of the web, and the beauty that it was. I think about it and relate it to my life. Much of what I love and care for is as intricate as that very web, but again, like this web in the morning is not perfect, neat or orderly!

I think about the web and all the negative connotations webs usually have – ‘web of lies’, ‘web of deceit” – you get the drift. I guess my web is a web of experience, resolve, love and then some more love! So in my view, webs are an amazingly transparent structure. We know that they are there to catch food, the bugs don’t, but it’s all there in fill view. If only life was that simple – that and I wasn’t a bug some

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