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Land of Nuk – renamed….Land of Nod!

15th June 2013

Dummies, Pacifiers, Shooshies, whatever you wanna call them, they are a subject that amongst some parents is comparable to discussing politics!  Well, needless to say, all four of my kids have had a dummy.  The preferred and only accepted brand, of course, was Nuk.  The most expensive ones.  So Nuk, I have to say, my most sincerest apologies for a slump in your sales after 5 years of continued support!

May 31 was the D-Day for Nukka Nukka’s (our term for dummies). During the day, we took the trio to a toy store (yeah thats always a great idea right?!!) and had already discussed with them that they could purchase any toy in exchange for their dummy.

Decisions were made, and the girls both decided on a bedtime Dora Doll (oh yay, more Dora!) and B got a shopping trolley (little dude!!) and some trucks.  They each piffed their dummy at the very kind sales assistant – forever known now to the trio as ‘the lady who took my dummy’, and happily took their haul.  OK, so that was $100.  Well played kids, well played.  But – in their defence, Nuk’s were $13 a packet for two.  And I cannot begin to tell you how many packets we have bought.  Nuk I feel you OWE me something!!!!

Trio of Nukka Nukka's!

Trio of Nukka Nukka’s!

Upon return from the shops, the kids were still enthralled with their purchases, and were more than happy with the trade.  Then, it was like a lightbulb moment.  Caitlyn, who had been sitting there really thinking, says “what about our other dummies, we only gave the lady one”?  She was after the container of dummies!  We then had to say that all the dummies were gone, and that she got her Dora doll for the price of her dummy.  She had a bit more of a think and was seemingly ok.

Bedtime came.  I swear both Jase and I thought it was going to be HORRENDOUS.  It wasn’t.  There were a few tears, don’t get me wrong, but they were pretty good.  They were allowed to take their toy to bed (not the shopping trolley for B but a truck), and were calm, settled and OK with it all.  Emma was the bravest – “I don’t have a dummy anymore, I am not a baby, I Emma, a big girl and I bought a Dora doll with my Dummy”.  B cracked it after 30 minutes and wanted me to ‘find the lady’ and swap back.  After cuddles, discussions and confirmation that this was not going to happen, they all went to sleep.  Yep, just like that.

So here are some cute shots of the kids with Nukka Nukka’s –







Morning came, and after a few (about five to be honest) wake ups through the night with tears, there was no talk of the Nukka Nukka’s.  Bedtime D-Day -1 -> all was good.  Day three, Caitlyn wakes up with a Dummy.  Not sure where she stashed it, but she was pretty darn impressed with herself.  It was promptly removed and chucked in the bin.  Day four, and B had a dummy.  Day four was spent searching (re-searching) every nook and cranny (and we found some other things like keys and stuff we were missing!!) and all dummies were gone.  Day five – not a peep.  Now, two weeks later, Catilyn was really cranky last night and asked for her dummy.  Well, if you know Caitlyn, she didn’t ask but demanded.  She was beside herself.  First full blown tantrum I have ever seen!  A firm no, and go to sleep and she settled.

Now, funnily enough, whenever the kids see a baby or child with a dummy, they refer to them as ‘babies’.

Getting rid of dummies for the trio happened much later than it did for Hayden.  Hayden was about 2 years and 3 or 4 months.  These guys were 2 years and 9 months.  Not much of a difference, but still, it is much easier with one trust me!  Everything – even toilet training, is so much more complicated with triplets.  I am far from complaining, I love them to bits and could not imagine life without them.  I also forget that triplets are not ‘normal’ and that sometimes, people just don’t get that it is busy, chaotic and often children led!  Our routine is led by them rather than by me some days.  I am outnumbered!

Not to forget or overlook my special big boy Hayden.  Hayden was far more difficult to wean from a dummy.  He would (when we went into Big W at Broken Hill) hunt down that lady and ask for his dummy back – he was willing to part with the Bob the Builder car track he chose.  It was amusing, and man, the kid has a memory like an Elephant!  He was actually really disrupted for sleep for about a good fortnight after the removal of his dummy.  Finally, two weeks later, we relented, and gave him a dummy.  He stuck it in and took it out straight away and went – ‘yuk’.  He never asked for one again!!!

So, that is another milestone or ‘event’ the kids have completed.  The kids being three in a matter of weeks is also scary – where has the three years gone?!!!

Leave you with this cheeky shot of Catilyn – she is such a character!

A very common face to just about any question, directive or comment!!!

A very common face to just about any question, directive or comment!!!



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  • Reply Caitlin 15th June 2013 at 09:49

    Good on you! Parting ways with dummies is never an easy battle. I dread it when my trio has to kiss their dummies goodbye! For now, I couldn’t part with them either, So much easier on the ears when we can shove one into a crying mouth.

    • Reply Ali Moloney 15th June 2013 at 11:09

      Lol Caitlin! Yep they are awesome silencers! Good luck when you do – it won’t be as difficult as you think!

  • Reply KCMS 17th June 2013 at 12:58

    Well done!! I am really not looking forward to having to take dummies off my twin boys. I think one will cope well and the other will be a nightmare. They’re only 17 months so I’m giving myself some more time but when I see one of them sneak off and come back with a dummy (which they know is only for bedtime) I think about how awful D day will be.

    • Reply Ali Moloney 17th June 2013 at 13:08

      It will be a few days of tears ~ it doesn’t help when they feed off of each other! Good luck!!

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