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Mayhem Indeed!

25th February 2013

Moloney Mayhem certainly does live up to it’s name – on a daily basis.  The last two weeks have been even more mayhem-my if that is even possible!  It has been a mad household full of appointments, new sleeping patterns (ie trio only want to sleep when it suits them – full stop), and work and school!  It has been exhausting!

To head back to 4th – here is my wrap of PL for that week.

Well, I am still up to date with my project life!  I am impressed.  It is no small feat to organise everything – to ensure I get the time to sit down and document our week.  I am still loving the process, and already love looking back on past weeks.  It truly is stuff that is random and routine, and for that reason, it would probably be one of those forgotten events.  So here is how week six turned out –

PL week 6

PL week 6



I really am enjoying the process and the simplicity, and more importantly the time out it gives me to ‘create’.
We have so much stacked into every week – they just seem to fly on by.  Hayden is back at school and the routine of that set in quickly.  Until the his the 12th.  He was sent home early from school on the Tuesday for vomiting – after PE.  But he was not febrile, and he said he was just tired….so we left it at that.  So, we ventured over to pick up this little beauty –

The Moloney Boat

The Moloney Boat

We have bought this boat off of one of my closest friends father – Mr Payne (Yep Hols, I still cannot call him anything else, or your mum for that matter!!).  He bought this boat new, and I remember when he bought it – all the stories of father daughter fishing with Holly!  So, we have a boat with history.  And we will be taking Mr Payne out with us as well so he still gets to enjoy it and of course fish.  I think he is fairly happy that she has a good home now!  My beautiful friend Holly and her husband Nath sent Hayden a skippers hat for his birthday – he is so excited, and cannot wait to wear it on the boat!!

So, Hayden home early from school and by that evening we were thinking it was maybe just related to doing 5 laps of the school oval.  Until after dinner….then the fevers started.  Up to 38 degrees that night, and he was really achy.  Pandaol and nurofen and off to bed.  Wakes up on his birthday, and is sick.  I mean sick – not the excited about his birthday boy you would expect.  He was dragging himself out of bed.  It was heartbreaking.  He ended up doing this for most of the day –

A horrid way to spend a birthday :(

A horrid way to spend a birthday 🙁

Then Hayden got sick – and I mean sick.  He had fevers up to 40 degrees.  Off to the GP we go….they considered it to be viral and sent us home.  After a few more days of fevers we went back to the GP and had an X-Ray –

Hello pneumonia :(

Hello pneumonia 🙁

So after six and a half days off of school he ventured back last Thursday.  He was so crook – and his cough was really bugging him as he had such sore ribs.  It was not nice at all!  Poor little fella!  Unfortunately, I copped it as well – and man it was not nice!  My fevers did not beat Hayden’s though – and I still have a hacking cough 🙁

Brings us to week seven of PL – here is how mine ended up, I had too much for one week and ended up using an insert (extra page only smaller) to make sure I captured all of the week – even though much of it was not nice for Hayden.






I am going to print out my blog about my mummyversary and place it in this weeks PL for a keepsake – even though Hayden didn’t have a great birthday – we still celebrated.  We took him to his choice of restaurant (which happened to be the Broncos Leagues club).  We had never been before, and seeing as he and Jason are members and go to every home game it seemed fitting!  It was just a shame that he was not feeling 100% and couldn’t run around the training oval or enjoy much of the food (which by the way, is very reasonably priced and is amazing!!).

I have had a bit of time here and there to make a few crafty things – here is the front of the valentines day card I made for Jase –

My card must be lost in the mail or something…..:P

We had some really tragic news last week that a friend of ours had died as a result of a car accident.  It is incredibly saddening and I wish that today, we were able to have been at her funeral.  We will visit Griffith soon to pay our respects.  Pat, I can just hear you telling me to ‘bugger off’.  I will miss you my sweet friend.  And with that, I know also, that the whole of Griffith Base Hospital will be grieving for a very long time.  I love and miss you all too – and if there is anything ‘us’ Moloney’s can do you know how to get onto us.  May you rest in peace Pat, and never be cold again!  How she hated the cold!

At times like this, I always think of the Powderfinger song “The Metre” and wonder, if in fact, the mark that I make will be ‘enough’.  Will  I leave behind a mark that is ‘enough’?  I guess I will never know.  But I do know that every day I try to be the best mother, wife and friend I can be.  It is a juggling act, and sometimes I am a bad friend as I need to be a good mother & wife.  One day, hopefully it will all balance out!
On an exciting note, we had the pleasure of attending Miss Lucy’s first birthday on the weekend – it was lovely.  The cake was absolutely amazing!  And the kids are still marvelling over the loot bags (as am I!!!)  First birthdays are so special – it is a celebration of having not ‘broken’ the baby or your relationship – a milestone in itself!  Lucy is an absolute delight and I have loved watching her grow! I love this pic –


Hayden was very excited to be hanging out with Uncle B – they had a ball.  These are just some random pics of the day – and I just love the candidness of them –

Bubbles! My little man, Brendan.

Bubbles! My little man, Brendan.

Love this shot  - no filter, taken on crappy iPhone!

Love this shot – no filter, taken on crappy iPhone!


My family

My family








So, a busy two weeks.  Sadness, illness, happiness and reflection.  Reminds me of another Powderfinger song – These Days!  In a totally good way though – these days do turn out quite like nothing I had planned!  But I would not change it.  So, because I am a firm believer in not leaving things unsaid – to all my friends and family, and family of friends, I love you all so much, and you are all what makes me able to do what I do everyday.  I miss so many of you it would take me too long to list you all off.  On that note……laters x










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