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Monday, oh Monday

30th April 2012

And so begins the day.  Freshly baked bread ready for making Hayden’s school lunch.  Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked bread in your house!  Funnily enough, my kids won’t eat store bought bread now, well under duress and hunger they would, but ‘Mummy’s bread’ is nicer apparently.

Other than dinner, the bread is all that I baked today.  Yesterday saw another batch of Anzac biscuits seeing as all four kids (and husband!!) have an addiction.  They are good though huh?

I often get asked ‘How do you do it all – with all those kids?” – my response is almost immediate – you just do.  It sounds like a slogan for NIKE, but seriously, you just have to get in and get it all done.  It is very difficult at times with the triplets all screaming in surround sound, tired, cranky (and thats just me!!) and the list of things that need to be done keeps on growing, but I always get through it all.  Eventually.

I had a moment of reverie the other day – whilst listening to a song on my playlist on the way to work.  It was a playlist that yes, I did make, and yes it total crap.  I always skip the songs and end up playing the same ones over and over anyway.  Trust me when I say, I am a crap playlister.  Mixed tapes were never my thing either.  Sad but true.  But – back to the point.  Listening to a song is just like looking at an old photograph.  It takes you to places you had been when the song was playing.  Country house by Blur always makes me think of one of my beloved friends, but so many other songs remind me of him or things we were doing at the time.  Think about it – do you all remember who you were tubthumping with 15 years ago?!!  Or driving in a car that is older than you, with a stereo worth more than the car listening to the Prodigy?  Songs have such meaning to me – then there are the songs linked with events.  Weddings, parties, funerals or anything really  that suck the breath clear on out of you and take you back to that moment.

When Hayden was born, Snow Patrol ‘Chasing Cars’ had just come out.  I was also watching Grey’s Anatomy, and it is of course the song that played when Denny died.  This song always makes me teary.  I associate so much of it with Hayden, and his birth, and the raw emotion of becoming a parent and the fear of something happening to him – ever.  My husband on the other hand, always wants to know why you would want to watch someones garden grow.

Then there is Pretty Woman, but Roy Orbison.  This was, in the most gut wrenching way, the perfect song for my dad to be carried down the isle for his funeral.  Every year for his wedding anniversary with Mum he would put it on and dance with mum.  She was his pretty woman.  Even now when I hear it, I always think of Dad.

Music is embedded into all of us.  From an early age.  Hayden purely loves Immabe by the BEP because (he was three) he thought they were saying “Uncle B” his wonderful uncle.  He always plays it and still says Uncle B even though he knows its not saying that.

Anything Tom Jones I associate immediately to my husband – he always sings karaoke to Tom and his best mate and one of my most beautiful friends sings Barry White – and scarily enough, they sing well.  They are generally fairly sloshed, but many a merry night has been spent in a karaoke bar with these two louts.

Then there is one of my talented friends who can sing.  I can remember her performing at school and singing her heart out.  Whenever I hear one of the songs she sang – I think of her immediately and can picture her still on the school stage at good ‘ole Clonarf!
One of my most hilarious musical memories is of a sleep singer.  Powerderfinger’s “The Metre” was the song – the line (and the only line ever sung) …..”there’s a sunset on the road….welcome to the saving grace’……Sad thing is, he sings WAY better in his sleep.  Many a foreigner in backpacking hostels were asking us what the frick he was singing!

Music is pure bliss.  My kids all have variant tastes already.  Hayden is a little out there – he likes just about anything.  Im a traditionalist and still have my ‘solid’ faves that will likely never change – but that is me – routine, structured, not ever happy with not knowing!

So my Monday, oh Monday has been filled with music; music of three 21 month old bubbas singing ‘ Ah Ah Ants on my arm” and other songs.  Then, rather serendipitously, in the night garden came on TV.  I cracked up laughing thinking of the ‘duff duff’ version I found years ago on and wanted to play whilst lapping Banna Ave in G-Town with my moles.  Again, another memory, another song.  And now I am missing them even more 🙁

So, when I am missing the many beautiful people in my life that are a part of who I am, but I don’t get to see them so much, I listen to my shitty playlist.  Shitty or not, its got grit, laughter, and history.

I guess you are all just music to my soul!



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