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Mundane Monday?!

28th May 2012

And so begins another week!  Mundane in this household – never!  I watch the year tick on by and still am amazed that in a few days it will be June – then in less than 2 months Brendan, Emma and Caitlyn will be TWO!  I still remember so vividly the birth of the trio – and of course of my eldest, Hayden.  The triplets were a bit ‘to do’ – with more than 30 people in the room waiting for babies.  Emma was born in caul, which means she was born with her amniotic sac intact – all Jase & I heard was “wow” and silence – we did not quite know if it was a good thing!  We were told afterwards that it is incredibly rare to have a child born in caul – and in folklore it is a significant symbol of affinity with water and all sorts of things.  Fits Emma perfectly!  Babies are born commonly in caul if they are delivered at less than 26 weeks….but not at the 34 weeks like my magic three.  But it still makes me realise how fast time has gone, and how much they have grown!

With all that now almost 2 years behind us, I wonder, do I make three cakes?!!  I made cupcakes last year, and Hayden’s 2nd birthday party featured a cake made by some gorgeous girls (Elmo) as he had a combined party with two other girls.  We had just moved to Broken Hill from Griffith and travelled back to have his party with his friends.  So, there is no doubt going to be a party for the trio, but the cake dilemma is somewhat frightening!  One each is probably what will happen, but then if they are not the same there is likely to be major menu envy…ugh!

So I guess any day really here is not mundane.  Starts with our alarm clock (Brendan) talking awake – often we have compared him to a dementia patient as he constantly yells out ‘Hey’ in the middle of the night and has been doing so for a long time….now its added with “Hey Mum, What are you doing?” (at 2am, I rarely answer him or do anything to encourage him!!!).  So after our wake up call its getting three new clean nappies on, and breakfast started.  Every day has its routine, and I am such a stickler for it.  You could set your watch by it!

Today was a rare show of sisterhood!  These two obviously get along, but they never normally sit together like this.  It was very surprising.  Of the three, Emma (in the purple) is more likely to nick off and do her own thing.  Caitlyn and Brendan are more likely to be sitting together or be doing something together.  They have their own little language, and Emma speaks our language very well, but there is definitely BrendanEmmaCaitlyn language as they constantly nod, talk and agree/disagree with one another.  It is so beautiful.  The highlight of  a school day for Miss Emma is getting to pick up Hayden.  You could set your watch by her too – at 220pm every day, she gets her shoes and stands at the front door – “Get Hayden, Get Hayden” over and over until we actually all get out into car!  She has a very unique bond with Hayden, and absolutely adores him.  It is so interesting watching their little personalities grow and also their interaction with each other and with Hayden.  Hayden is much more involved in playing with them now was they are not as ‘babyish’ – his words, and can play with him rather than play around him.

This was the big cheeky grin I got when I said “let’s go get Hayden”!!

Brings me back to the time passing by thing – the following pictures are all three at 6 hours old, look how tiny they looked!!  Brendan was on CPAP for 2 days as he was ‘too lazy to breathe” whilst Ems & CJ required none of that rubbish!  Straight into isollettes for them!

Fast forward to the first night at home – they were just under three weeks old, and Jason was (quite rightly) freaking out just a little.  It would take over 2 hours to feed them and I just remember him saying quite a bit ‘we need to take them back to the hospital as this isn’t right they shouldn’t be taking this long’!!  It was taking ages, it was lots of sleepless nights and not much of anything other than bottles, babies, nappies, Hayden and repeat endlessly!  The first six months of their life is somewhat of a blur to me….



Then onto two-three weeks ago – look at them now!  Destructing, constructing and conspiring!


Time flies, and I know we all say it, but we really need to appreciate what we have and who we have in our lives! What really sucks some days is that some of my most beloved friends are not ‘just down the road’ and I cannot just drop in and have a cuppa.  How I wish for time travel!  Hayden assures me that he is on the inventing crew trying to complete it – so maybe it will happen soon!


So, as another Monday winds down, the kids are in bed asleep and now its time to do a bit of work, and perhaps even read!    I am constantly aware of how each day  rushes on by, and how fast time seems to be going.  I almost wish I could halt it for a while!  Each day may rush by, but no two days are the same routine or no routine!

Best get on and do something…dishes…washing..its never ending!


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