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29th November 2012

We have all had them – one of ‘those’ days.  You sleep in, you miss the lights, you feel behind all day!  That was my day yesterday!  All day I felt like I was running late or just rushed.  I stupidly (and never normally ever do it!) turned off my alarm and didn’t get out of bed!  So, I left for work almost an hour late!  Surprisingly, still made the commute to the lovely Gold Coast in similar time landing me at work at 715!  Crazy!

Everyday, I am so embedded by routine – if I don’t have it, I feel lost!  My kids are the same – out of whack if their routine is disrupted!  Today, we totally broke the routine.  Everything about today was random, which for me, is kinda scary :S.  We ventured out to the shops – which were absolutely packed!  Christmas is near most definitely.  Demands from three two year olds for a smoothie (I am sure we keep Boost Juice in solvency some days!) which is easier to placate than refute, trust me.  Besides, it is an incredibly healthy alternative to other drinks!  Just considerably more expensive!

Meandering around the shops is something I never do well.  I always *have* to have a purpose.  Especially when I have the kids with me; I think they are more easily distracted than I am! I am always amazed to see the sheer number of people – killing time, or just marching through.  I would love to ask people what they came to the shops for some days – just to see the responses I get (yeah…likely a few profanities, and questions regarding my mental health status!).  I guess it is all about perspective.  For me, getting to the shops, for the most part is out of necessity.  The few times I get to go sans kids – well that is another story – but do you think I can relax?!  I suppose I can apply that to much of my life – I am always doing something – so the moment I sit still I wonder ‘am I forgetting something?’  This year has gone by in ridiculously quick manner.  I feel so cliche in saying that as well.  I am rendered completely speechless when I think about the first year of schooling being almost complete for my eldest son.  Where does this time go?

We were discussing the Christmas Decorations for this year – after last year’s revolt and subsequent sacrifice of ornaments by three cheeky kids, I have pretty much come to the conclusion that this year there will be no ‘tree’.  I had to think long and hard – I mean do I really want the hassle, and let down of a trashed tree, and more importantly broken ornaments?  No, I think not!  Many of our ornaments are sentimental, each year we buy a few new ones that ‘mean’ something.  We have irreplaceable ornaments from all over the world – so this really added to my decision.  This will be the triplets third Christmas, and Hayden’s 6th.  Each year, Christmas brings with it a new sense of joy, family and experiences.  Our little family is not so little any more!  This year, sadly, will be the year of no tree, and no Santa photo!  Hayden has a photo with Santa, but Emma & Caitlyn have a great fear of the big red suited man.  It is terrible!  Emma covers her eyes and basically cries and hides, Brendan loves the decorations but as soon as he sees Santa, he wants to go – NOW!  Caitlyn, well, this normally vivacious and seemingly fearless kid is scared of Santa.  She just does not like him!  She told him to go away even!  So, have tried twice, and have even tried a portrait of just the kids – not happening!  So, this year will be, the no tree, and Santa photo only for Hayden.  I will decorate as much of our home as we can – without running the risk of ruin!  I have a big list of goodies to make and bake, and really need to start sorting that out.  Mind you, I have not made, written, or even sent my Christmas cards yet…

My to make/bake list looks like this (rough draft, very early stages, have not yet worked out total oven time!!)

Ginger Cake (new recipe, acquired yesterday from one of my besties mums!)

Carrot Cake (old recipe, old favourite, eaten usually within one hour of placing on table!)

100’s and 1000’s biscuits (recipe from this amazing blog – for the kids

Fruit Cake

Pavlova (this year with a Chocolate edition as well as a normal one)

Gingerbread (want to make a house but cannot find a mould 🙁 )

Red Velvet whoopie biscuits (recipe from Windsor Deli site!)

Cheesecake (recipe my own, over time and non-measuring)

Then it is the roasts, vegies etc… I am not sure what other cakes to make this year – will wait and see what the family request!  Last year I used some crazy amount of flour and butter – I was astounded to be honest!


I love Christmas, I really do.  It is beautiful watching the sheer joy of Santa, the love of family, and the ability for food to keep bygones away for a little while at least.  I just love the meaning and spirit of Christmas.  This year, we are not going OTT with the kids presents for a change.  Not because we can’t afford it, but because we really don’t need to.  They are going to cost us a fortune when they are able to select brands and stuff, and while they are young, they have all they need, and we are keeping it simple.  The true meaning of Christmas is not in the price tag (yeah go on, say “she’s only writing that because she really is probably broke’!) but in the meaning and thought.  I am hoping to finish making the little treat boxes I have planned – lots of very individualised bits and pieces in a lovely little box for that person.  Simple stuff, that is going to be used, not just left or put in the ‘crap present cupboard’ – I really do have a friend who has a crap present cupboard and it scares the crap out of me that my present could go there!!

I have some leave over the festive season, which will be lovely.  Time to just ‘be’ with family and friends.

Today, after our totally un-routine like jaunt to the shops, Jase mowed the lawn.  I love the smell!  Nothing beats it on a hot summer’s day 🙂  So, after a day where nothing felt like it was going right, to a day where my whole routine was out of whack, I have taken stock in the little things – again.  Reaffirming indeed!  Oh, and Sally – thanks again for the mower!

Freshly mowed grass – smells divine!



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