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10th January 2013

What an eventful day! I finally got my project life goodies – and have been impatiently waiting for them! I couldn’t wait to see the paper and see how seemingly effortless this form of memory keeping is.


I ordered the Amber kit & album, only because it was the only matching set in the store! It is lovely! I do think I will mix it up though and get a few different varieties.

I sat down, feeling overwhelmed and unsure, an used the guide for placement for the title page. Bear in mind I had seen some amazing title pages that are so beautiful and intricate, that I was worried! Instead, I opted for the simplicity this project offers, it’s supposed to be simple, it’s supposed to be achievable every week, it’s made that way – right?!! So here is my basic title page (which I actually love!)


Title page done and dusted I figured I should start. Traditionally there are no real rules, some people do weeks, others do months. I thought I would do an introduction page. On the 9th I took pictures of my family as I had envisaged a title page with us all on it..didn’t end up like that but I still wanted to use the pictures and also capture my enthusiasm for starting project life! So I have used the 6 x 4 in the core kit, and pics of the six of us. Can’t see the love hearts I have done on the kids card stock, but I know it’s there and I totally love it!! I have even used stamps and paper piercing – which is great! So here is the left hand side –


And the right hand side with the kids –


So now to organised photos to get in and complete week one! I have some, but I seem to take a lot more vertical than horizontal photos so will need to get creative at displaying them!

I can really see how beautiful it would be to have an album dedicated to a year! Something for sure that I would love looking back upon – especially as my days seem to be so constantly busy it’s hard to pull the ‘stuff’ out to preserve. PL will totally fix that!

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  • Reply Leah Cameron 10th January 2013 at 23:54

    Love it, I think you have done an amazing job. Keeping it simple makes it quick and easy, and I love the simple look.

    • Reply Ali Moloney 11th January 2013 at 00:30

      Thanks Leah! I really appreciate your comment 🙂

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