Rainy Days

24th June 2012


So winter is well and truly here.  Cold, rainy and dark!  Not complaining at all, the kids are actually revelling in the cold – Caitlyn is loving the options for jackets/jumpers!


Today we headed to a  birthday party at an indoor play centre.  Much fun had by all – Hayden was very excited to see some of his school friends outside of school.  The trio had a ball as always, they are getting incredibly adventurous!  They egg each other on for sure.  But they were all climbing up to second and third tiers of the play equipment!  I have to say, Chipmunks is very clean, so I never worry about finding dirty bandaids or snotty grotty bits and pieces that are not mine in the kids or on them!  Nice change!  




Freaky looking Caitlyn!  


Well I find myself trying to prepare for the triplets second birthday – its really not that far away and I have not done anything!   So I am guessing it will be phone call invites this year! I am trying to work out if I should do three cakes or stick with cupcakes…I am going to make some bunting and a few other things so will be up late crafting this week!  I love having birthday parties, love the preparation, and cake making and most of all love the excitement that they create.  No matter what the age is!  My husband gets a cake of his choice every year for his birthday, and let me tell you some of them have been tricky!  The kids will be kept simple I think – I am leaning towards three smaller cakes (one each for them to chog into!) And a larger cake for everyone else.  

I am going to get some Christmas cards sorted this week as well.  Have a workshop to organise for Stampin’ Up!  where we will be getting together and making some cards, and paper craft – am super excited!  Its such fun!  I figure if I start making the Christmas cards this early I will make them all in time!  It has been a super busy year and I cannot believe (yeah still) how fast the year has gone.


It is school holidays for the next two weeks, so am hopeful to get out and do a few things with Hayden so he doesn’t send me demented!  Searworld is on the list as they have recently opened “Dinosaur Island’ so that is a MUST see!


On a personal note, this is a post I have written in Facebook in a group that has just been formed called “Do you really care about us”.  The group has been formed in light of Cambell Newman’s decision to change surrogacy laws, and also that of a civil union.  The term ‘registering’ was used on Friday in the press release – made my blood boil, you register a dog or a gift list, but not love…anyway, here was my rant – 

My name is Ali, I have a great vested interest in this thing called ‘equality’. My little world revolves around my family and friends, and I love my family and friends fiercely, and unconditionally. I have four children, and a husband. My kids do not know what being ‘gay’ means. They know that Uncle B has a boyfriend, and that some of my other friends are same sex partners. They don’t question it – why? Because there is NOTHING wrong with it. 

I find it absolutely abhorrent that any relationship other than a man/woman needs to be ‘registered’ or a civil union. Love is love, and I am sorry, but as much thought as I have put into this, some right wing wanker has determined that it is OK to just ‘register’ and change laws that affect lives! 

I work in health care, and let me tell you the number of kids that are abused, neglected, and have had unspeakable things occur to them. Do you know how many have been from a lesbian or homosexual relationship? NONE, thats right, NONE. 

If there was a test that people had to pass to become parents, how many would actually pass? Seriously, that baby bonus has left the gene pool seriously short of a few life guards. In saying that yes, I have received the baby bonus four times – but I WORK, and I pay taxes and I vote. How is it right or even ‘fair’ to consider same sex partners unable to be ‘parents’. I looked up the meaning of parent/s and it is not a sexual thing – it is androgynous. As parents can be of the same sex. Wow, shocking stuff. How many single parent families exist? How many dysfunctional families exist? More than even CanDo could count. How is a same sex couple having a child and having the same next of kin and parental rights any different to mine? Or my husbands? 

It sickens me that we live in a society that is even talking this way and referring to same sex couples as a separate or even different race. This is not a dictatorship! I am so ashamed to call myself a Queenslander right now. This is incredibly archaic, immoral and fundamentally flawed.

I am only one person, but together we should all stand as one. I suspect if we all stood in a room CanDo would be flat out picking the straights from the gays – as if we should be pidgeon-holed and have that information determined from the start. Perhaps we should start wearing name tags to stop the worrying or guessing. I suspect that people might start thinking that it is a disease again….

Should we talk about the increases in crime and the fact that it is OK to stab someone, go to gaol for a bit and then father a few children and go away again? Does this not cause more of a societal harm and impact that 2 women or 2 men having a child?

I believe, and have instilled into my children, as young as they are, to treat others as you wish to be treated. I take great pride in the fact that my children are loved by many, and are able to express love. My children know nothing of biases, and I do not wish them to live in a world where society is segmented based on sexuality. If someone loves my child and happens to be of the same sex – well thats great! Love is something to be revered and cherished. To be loved and to love is one of the most beautiful things in life. To not be able to have this recognised sickens me. I am married – we were not married in a church as religion has nothing to do with our relationship (my husband is an atheist) but we had the option! Many of my friends do not. It sickens me. 

Even though I am not gay, I love many people that are. And even if I didn’t this is still wrong. I have many friends that have children and are a same sex couple – I would never even think to question their parenting skills – why? Because they LOVE their child. If you really want a lesson on society go and sit in your local hospitals Emergency department for a night. Have a look at the unkempt ‘parents’ and children, the abuse, and horrible social circumstances – and they are all ‘parents’ and often ‘married’. Wow, being gay and having a baby really is bad huh? Pathetic!

I could rant for hours about this subject. I will help in any way that I possibly can, and can only ever offer and continue to offer my friends and family love, support and hope. Hope that this is not our future, and that this does not occur. So if you think I can help – name it 🙂

Stepping off soap box now…


I have, as you can see, got major issues with inequality and bias.  If you can spare the time, please pop here and sign the petition – I know it would be appreciated.
Anyway, a busy weekend had by all.  Its time for a cup of tea and bed!  Its cold!
Happy Sunday 🙂

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