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Reading….nothing beats it!

14th July 2013


Nothing quite beats reading a book – or re-reading one for that matter :-). Then there is the amazement of a captivating series of books! Imagine 7 books – or more – all telling one very big story!

I have loved Harry Potter since it ‘all began’ and now am re-reading it because Hayden wants to start reading it. At six – I just wanna make sure it’s ok for him to read. Well, ok, I just wanted an excuse to read them all again. And yet again I find myself being carried away into a world of magic and imagination. I just love it!

These books will never grow old! I have the entire set and can remember lining up at midnight in Ireland in 2003 when book five came out! We have the later and last books from varying places around Australia and they are all special, well read and loved!

I read a lot on my kindle (3 + years old and still awesome!) and my iPad, but nothing beats the feel and smell of a book! The sense of achievement of seeing your progress and putting a bookmark in. Love it! I’m so excited that Hayden is wanting to read ‘big’ books and so impressed with his reading level. I’m up to The Goblet of Fire – so book four. It’s just an amazing story – for an adult or child. Takes me back to Enid Blyton books as a child. The mystery of magic and imagination and far away places! I hope Hayden’s ‘imaginate’ (his word) time when reading these books take him to very cool places!

Nothing beats a library. And just like his Mum, this is one of Hayden’s favourite places. We used to routinely go to our local one – slight problem with triplets setting off fire alarm by opening the exit door all the time (seriously why would you have an alarmed door in the kids play section!!) so now not as often as we’d like.

Hayden has a great love of books. Of all types. I do wonder though, how long will printed books be his ‘thing’ – when will our kids, and even us, switch to eBooks? I’m guilty of using both – prefer tactile page turning, but am often chastised for having too many books (is that even possible?!!) by Jason! Hayden is just the same. A whole bookcase is just his books….

There are worse things! So, on this lazy Sunday, and because I am travelling to Melbourne for a little girly get away, I have read Harry Potter with no interruptions for 2 hours! I wish there were more hours in the day to squeeze in reading time!!

Happy reading!

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    I love rereading HP too 🙂

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