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19th May 2012

I love this word.  Totally do!  It is so romantic, whimsical, and the stuff fairy tales are made of.  Anyway, serendipity does happen!  A few things occurred this week the take me believe in the pure butterfly effect of leaving one minute later, turning left instead of right etc, and they lead you to a completely new destination.

Well the past few weeks have been mad capped!  Mothers day last weekend where I was suitably spoilt with gorgeous made gifts from the kids.  I just know that I will still have them in 20 years time that is how special they are to me.

So it was a lovely day.  Thinking about how this is actually my 6th Mother’s day, I feel like I have been a parent for ever!  I have some beautiful friends who have celebrated their first mothers day this year – yay!  I have also some beautiful friends that are celebrating their first mothers day without their mum.  Life is truly unfair.  I just hope that it gets a little easier to take.

I have been getting a little crafty (YAY) and have a workshop tomorrow – yay!  I have the following completed, and they have not taken long at all!

I have ben genuinely enjoying some craft time and have found to be so much fun!  Never thought you would hear me mention fun!

Speaking of one off moments – on the way home walking to the front door after night shift, this is what was growing – was not there the day before – but how gorgeous is it?

This week has been so busy, sometimes I forget we need to stop and take a breath and focus on what is important.  My kids are growing like weeks, and the triplets will soon be two.  I don’t quite know where that time or sleep has gone, but would be interested in any leads!!!

Another childish observation of my week – the following pic – check out the web address, its p*ss funny!!

I spotted this on the way home from night duty, and was cracking up laughing so badly!  Immature i know!

Today saw the day that I feared would never come – Hayden OWNS Reeboks.  Now, its a long and drawn out story, and mainly has to do with NIKE being better and my sponsor many eons ago – but Hayden got the Captain America shoes.  No they are undsiputabely cool, but they are reebok – its a good thing his daddy was there….I also scored my very first pair of Cons, and am super excited as they are now my work shoes!

So this week has been filled with mayhem, madness and true Moloney Style!
I have a STampin’ Up Party tomorrow which I am SUPER keep about, making a water fall card, and regular card.  Hopefully they are not too dodgy!
Anway, bets go while the goings good!

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    Great blog, love the cute animal stamps on the card – so cheerful!! Glad u got to have some fun busy lady 🙂

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