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Stories of the “Week”

10th November 2014

Another post about Week in the Life – the concept by Ali Edwards 🙂  I started putting together our week in the life, and it is a big task!  I am so glad I took so many notes, and also so many pictures.  I have found that I have really looked deeply into what I do every day, and what we do, and it is amazing how much we cram into the every day!  There never seems to be much downtime at all, until the kids are in bed at night! I have been honest in all the documenting, so if there were naughty kids, drawings on walls, baby oil in hair, it is in there.  There is no sugarcoating any of it.


From another perspective of documenting – I also wanted to keep a ‘right now’ focus and look at things like groceries, what we consume and how much of it, and what our ‘trends’ for food were.  It has been interesting looking at just how much food we go through, and reassuring in many ways.  They are getting enough fruit and vegetables!  Continue Reading…

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Photos + Words = Stories

31st October 2014

Following on from “Anatomy of a Day“, this post will be another snapshot of our day through the Week in the Life viewpoint, a concept by Ali Edwards, where you basically dissect and document *all* that makes up your day, for seven days/a week.  I am really enjoying the process and really looking at how I get about my day in great detail – through not only to-do lists, but photos, and observations.  Many of the photos I am taking are things I normally would not photograph.  Things that are, for me, normal, every day occurrences.  From the morning cereal choices – (colour coded of course)

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The Anatomy of a Day

29th October 2014

This week, I am completing the Week in the Life project by Ali Edwards.  I love the idea behind this and a big part of why I blog here is so I don’t forget the little things.  This project focuses on what we do, how we do, and a bit of why we do, every day, for seven days in a row – or a week.  I am finding it interesting to say the least and am taking a lot of photos.  I know that I already have a fairly well formed routine, but it is interesting coming at it from a different angle – telling all the stories that happen in a day, be it routine or otherwise.

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December Daily – A few more pages :)

22nd December 2013

This year I am *trying* to use photoshop.  I am not an expert, and am probably only aware of about a tenth of the functions, but I have made a few pages using Ali Edward’s templates.  They look amazing and I am getting faster at the process.  I won’t cross over to the digital side…but they are so pretty I will likely do both for my December Daily!  Here are a few pages –



Day four – focused on Charlie for the ‘main page’ as the kids were in stitches laughing at him reading to all their toys!



December 8 – another one of Charlie.  I had to laugh at this as well.  Well I was laughing the whole time I was doing it!  The kids thought it was HILARIOUS!




Santa at IKEA – not visible is Caitlyn who was hiding far away from Santa as he is ‘scary’ (she has since as of yesterday, changed her mind!)


Again another elf shot – this one was pretty funny with the milk dyed Christmas colours.  Kids ate it with their cereal laughing the whole time!  Let me tell you – cornflakes and green milk looks weird!



This day was particularly special, as it was the second last day of childcare for us forever.  We both went to our fave cafe and savored the silence.



This one is actually the first one I made.  Our tree – decorated by four kids!

I have printed these out as 6 x 8’s and put them straight into my December Daily album!  Easy!  Now to catch up!  All of these are done with the Ali Edward’s digital December Daily set and the Studio Calico digital files that came with the December Daily kit 🙂