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Ginger & Stella

28th November 2012

2 weeks or so ago (feels like aaages!) I ordered some clothes from Etsy for Stella & Ginger. Today, they arrived! Absolutely gorgeous! Here are just two of the dresses –


And Ginger’s –


Have a few more items waiting to be delivered – I am stalking the postie!!!


Will have a little fashion show tomorrow with my little munchkins – real old school girlie fun!

I totally heart Blythe! Contemplating getting petite Blythe’s for the girls for Christmas – so they can play with them….still undecided!!


Meet Stella

15th November 2012

So this little pretty arrived today!!


This is Miss Emma’s. I think Stella suits her!

I can’t believe how beautiful Blythe’s are! I’m in love!

Here are my girls ‘girls’!!


I have much to learn in the world of Blythe; but can see how easy it is to fall in love. I so wish I had one of these when I was a little girl!

How many Blythes’ is too many I wonder?!


Meet Ginger!

12th November 2012


Here she is – Miss Ginger! This is our first Blythe!! All three girls (yes, me too) were so excited opening her up!

She came to us with her name – but it totally suits her!!! This is Miss Caitlyn’s Blythe, and she’s in love!

I have ordered some clothes on Etsy, and am still working out all the lingo associated with Blythe! So happy with Ginger, she’s perfect! Now stalking mailbox for Miss Emma’s bohemian Blythe for whom we will have to name!

And now, I totally get the addiction and love of all things Blythe. Thank you Kate for kick starting this – three very happy girls here x


Blythe love!

7th November 2012

Oh my goodness! I’m totally in love! I have been on the lookout for a Blythe doll for some time now – there is just something amazing about them! Anyway, opportunity knocked on Monday & I picked this gorgeous girl for Miss Caitlyn –


I then wanted, obviously, to get one to suit Miss Emma – and have just won this on eBay!


So they are still too young, but I wanted to start slowly! I have no idea what all the letters mean, only that some Blythe’s are very expensive! I really really want this gorgeous Blythe – for ME!!!


I can totally understand the addiction! I have not bought any clothes or accessories as yet but suspect that will happen soon! I cannot wait until they arrive! I will be trying to justify my Blythe until I cave and get her!

Those eyes…can’t wait to meet my two ‘girls’ for my girls!