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Project Life – half way there?!!

30th June 2013

Time has literally flown this year! I have to say, I’m incredibly chuffed with not only keeping up to date with project life, but with the outcome! My kids and husband now love looking back, and it is amazing looking at how the kids have grown, changed and the seemingly ‘little’ things we have done each week.

The last few weeks I have had quite a few ‘hidden’ journaling cards as there has been a few events that have just been so emotive, that I felt it was more honest to ‘hide’ the journaling. Here are a few pages of late, using the studio calico PL kit ->



I LOVE the Amy Tangerine stamps that came with this Studio Calico set!!

Here is another week, using a Polka Dot Creative Mini Kit ->




I can’t believe that I’m up to week 26 and that more importantly, half the year is gone!

I am working on a few mini albums (love them!) – currently one each for the kids, and am going to wrap the half year mark up with a ‘currents’ for each of us – so what we are reading, watching, saying and doing as individuals and a family. I think I will start the next half of the year in a new album though – its getting heavy!

I am totally in love with PL and so glad I stumbled upon it!

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23rd January 2013

Well, it has been more than a week, and honestly, it all feels chaotic!  I cannot believe it is almost the end of January.  Sounds dumb, but how fast is this year going already?    Hayden heads back to school next week, and I think he needs it.  He is frustrated no end with the mischievousness of his siblings – and trust me, they are getting cheekier!

Monday was Jason’s birthday.

Birthday Boy :)

Birthday Boy 🙂

We had a lovely day as a family, and I guess that was the good thing about Hayden still being on school holidays!  We had lunch out, and went to New Farm Park (amazing park!!) for a few hours, followed by Hog’s Breath (or the piggies as the kids refer to it) for tea.  As I do each birthday, I made the birthday person their choice of cake.  Jase chose a baked strawberry cheesecake.  It is delicious!

Here is making it –

Jason's birthday cake in the making

Jason’s birthday cake in the making

I am fairly certain Jase had a wonderful birthday – I hope so!  It is difficult with this many kids to allow a sleep in, but he did get one!

Last week we were lucky enough to get a glimpse (no pun intended) behind the scenes at the Guide Dogs Association of QLD.  There was a call put out through the multiple birth association that triplets, twins and quads were needed for a quirky take at the latest litters.  We were the triplet crew!  The gorgeous pups were just a delight, but even more delightful was the looks on my kids faces when seeing the pups and dogs.  It is an amazing organisation and they do so very much for so many people.  Our triplets were photographed with a ‘triplet’ litter and the photo will be used in local papers for advertising and calls for assistance in caring for the pups.  Hayden, although not used in the pics for advertising, was not left out, and got a very good tour through the facility and is very happy with what he has learned (it is all going in his secret agent book apparently!).  Here is but one of the cute pics snapped last week –

Triple trouble!

Triple trouble!

You might remember slidey beds?  Where the kids lifted up their slats and pushed their mattress down to make a slide? Well now, we have a new game – the little monkeys have ripped the flyscreen in their room (forcibly with Thomas and other associated take along trains) and proceeded to throw the said toys onto the carport which is below their bedroom window.  We heard a few bangs and wondered, as we do, ‘what the’, and upon investigation, amongst much giggling, found this –

the big piff!!

the big piff!!

Anything and everything was piffed onto the roof!  It is quite funny, and trust me, rousing on the kids for something that is quite ingenious and funny is difficult! Thing is, they think its super funny too and just crack up laughing!  Caitlyn we think was the instigator (shock, horror) and was trying to justify her actions – ‘noisy mummy daddy’ ‘funny’ ‘Brendan & Emma did it’ was just a few catch phrases!  So Jase got the kids up to get the toys down – in a completely safe manner as well!  Here is B getting some of the toys down –

B retrieving toys!

B retrieving toys!


I often wonder what they will do next!  It must be amazing having 2 back ups all the time.  They are so cute together when they want to be – yesterday Emma was going to have a nap during the day, and Caitlyn put her blanket over her and gave her a kiss – completely unprompted.  Very cute.  B & Caitlyn also have a very cute way of interacting – they are terrors together though!

I am staying on track with Project Life so far, and have completed week three.  I really enjoy doing it and am having a great time recording our day to day seemingly mundane stuff.  This is the stuff that I want to remember, not posed and prompted photos (while they are great, I want to keep the not so perfect stuff as usually it has more of a story!).  Here is my layout for week three – this week I used Becky Higgins Clementine pack – I have bought bits and pieces of this kit and LOVE it.  I think I will use this for doing an album for the girls and I.  I really really want to remember all the little things, the little toddlerisms, and words that they call things (I still LOVE apple trees!!)

Project Life, Week 3

Project Life, Week 3

PL week 3

PL week 3


PL Week 3

PL Week 3

PL Week 3

PL Week 3


I love the pictures I have used this week – and love the pics of the girls with Jason.  So cute!  They are both Daddy’s girls, when they want to be 🙂

I often get asked why we go to the museum so much – for those of you that don’t – DO IT!  It is free, and it is always fun!  No matter how many times we have been there, my kids still love looking and learning.  They love watching how the pythons have grown, or if they have shed their skin, and how the stick insects are hiding and where.  It is never boring.  We go regularly, and I think it is as much a sanity break for me as it is fun for the kids!  The exhibits change every few months, and right now they have the Explore-a-saurus on – we have been twice now.  $10 for adults and kids >5 is well worth it.  They dig in the ‘dirt’ for ages!  We usually have to pull them away!  The stroll through Southbank is also always nice.

And so wraps up another day.  I love Wednesdays – the trio are in their only day of day care and it is so blissfully quiet!  I get so much done!  They love it too which always helps.  Am sure the next few days will bring a new trick from the trio for destroying something!

Happy Wednesday!




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2nd January 2013

Happy Wednesday, and happy new year!  2013, a brand new year, with hundreds of days of opportunity 🙂

I rang in the new year at work – someone has to do it right?  Night shift on New Years’s – only a nurse/ambo/police officer/doctor truly ‘gets’ it!  I looked after the most wonderful gentleman – he was critically unwell, but had the most wonderful attitude.  His comment to me at 7am – I made his new year lovely, by acknowledging it to him, smiling, and being so kind.  I love nursing, and I always will, but I forget how much of an impact you can make on one person in 8 hours.  I still think that there is really no other field I could be in – nursing is such a big part of me!

Hello 2013 & farewell 2012!

Hello 2013 & farewell 2012!

So, a very big goodbye to 2012.  2012 was such a big year! It was a very eventful year that is for sure, and I am hopeful, as I guess we all are on New Years day or the day after, that 2013 will bring much joy!  I have given up with new years resolutions, as every year, I feel as though I don’t achieve all of the resolutions or I get sidetracked.  I have instead, thought of one word that I can focus on for the whole year and see how thinking about things a little differently can lead to better outcomes.  There idea about one word was from the Happiness Project – a thoughtful and wonderful Christmas present I received this year.  I have read only the first chapter, but was totally gobsmacked by this –

“As I looked out the blurry bus window, I saw two figures cross the street – a woman about my age trying simultaneously to balance an umbrella, look at her cell phone, and push a stroller carrying a yellow-slicked child.  The sight gave me a jolt of recognition – that’s me.  I thought, there I am.  I have a stroller, a cell phone, an alarm clock, an apartment, a neighbourhood.  Right now, I am riding the same crosstown bus that I take across the park, back and forth.  This is my life – but I never give any thought to it.

“Is this really it?” I found myself wondering, and answering, ‘yep, this is it’.  But though at times I felt dissatisfied, that something was missing, I also never forgot how fortunate I was.  When I woke up in the middle of the night, as I often did, I’d walk from one room to another to gaze at my sleeping husband tangled in the sheets and my daughters surrounded by their stuffed animals, all safe.  I had everything I could possible want – yet I was failing to appreciate it.  Bogged down in petty complaints and passing crises, wearing of struggling with my own nature, I too often failed to comprehend the splendour of what I have” (Gretchen Rubin, 2009, p2).

I was amazed at the similarities and honestly felt that I could have written the very same paragraph!  (except not as well, and using Pram, Mobile etc….)  I was taken aback by how much I likely do take for granted and now fail to appreciate. Every day, well almost every day, seems to be a unique juggling act around the kids, work and chores.  With these ‘tasks’ in the forefront of my mind, I do think I over look the  day to day things, but still things I should be thankful for!  I guess being stupidly busy does take its toll sometimes and the smaller things become less significant as we overlook them.  I often get asked how I fit everything in, and how I manage with not just triplets but a five year old.  Truth is, I don’t know any different!  I think this is why I am seeking for more malleable and achievable goals.  Little steps, to fit in with my already crammed day!


On January 31, I completed the Project 365 – I took a photo a day for a whole year!  I am actually really glad I stuck it out, and really impressed with what I see.  There are so many seemingly little things in those months and days that I would have otherwise not recorded remembered or even thought of!  The comparison’s between months in watching the kids grow and develop is amazing!  It is also quite lovely to see the smaller things like little changes to our house and the before and after photos!  This was how December ended up –

Goodbye December!

Goodbye December!


So, looking back over December alone, I can see how time poor I am most of the time (no intentional play on words there!!).  I put a great deal of thought into what I want to achieve this year – with all my hats on – mummy, wife, friend, etc.  What I want is to create.  So create is my word.  I want to create opportunities, meaning, organisation, routine and fun!  I know I cannot make more time, but I can create ways to make more of my time.  Focusing immediately on what takes up my time is clear – kids and work.  Can’t get rid of either of those (one is illegal, and second would mean no home!) so I need to make a way to better allow me to best use my time.  I am excellent at To-Do lists and figure that this can play in well.  I have bought a teacher’s diary to map out my teaching and keep the hours under control.  I am fixing in times each day as set times so that I am more bound to my hours as opposed to keeping myself completely open and working over the top.  This is a big step for me.  Emails can wait 24 hours.  The world will not end! Working from home does have its disadvantages, but for me, right now, it is still an excellent option.  I just need to be strict with myself and schedule the time.  Create a timetable that is healthy for me!


Create a fitness timetable that is achievable so that I am not disappointed in myself, or think that the treadmill is yet again glaring at me.  Jason & I have 2 scheduled PT sessions a week, both one hour.  I think we will be ramping this up to 3 per week as we are completing the Tough Mudder in August at the Sunshine Coast.  This is a MASSIVE event for us and really highlights the commitment we have put into our health and fitness.  A year ago neither of us would have been able to do a 5 minute jog, let alone an event like this!


Creating a balance – comes back to time, but I need to make the time to see the people I love more often!  There are so many people I am missing right now!  It hit me on new year’s eve how little I have seen of many of my friends recently – the silly season seemingly overtook my time as well!  I need to create more opportunities to see my friends!  I have become so entrenched with my routine that I could not see the forest for the trees!  I can change when I do the groceries or any other chore – and that is exactly what I am going to do.  Monthly BBQ’s, picnics or coffee catch ups are in order, and I just need to  schedule the time in so it is not another thing to juggle.  I work best with a routine!!


And finally, the other big area, would be creating – craft.  I have decided that this year I am going to complete  Project Life . Created by Becky Higgins, it is a very simplified but gorgeous way to capture and record your day, week and year. Using only the products in the core kit, a pen and your photos.  No searching for the perfect embellishment!  It is just gorgeous!  I have ordered my core kit and am busting for it to arrive.


So, 2013, you are going to be good!  You are going to be great!  I will focus on creating, rather than “I will lose 10kgs”, or some random resolution; and will seek out happiness, balance and joy.  Good intentions never last I hear you say?  Well, time will tell, but right now, it’s baby steps.  Change is always difficult when it involves accepting what you have done or not done – change is raw, honest and well, brutal, sometimes.  So, wish me luck, and I will keep you posted 🙂

Happy New Year!






Meet the “Essentials”!

10th December 2012

In our little family, we have four-five ‘friends’ that are just essential for our kids.  They all have their own story too, and further highlight the subtle differences in each child.  

One of the most beautiful events I have witnessed as a mother is Hayden giving one of his Doby’s to Brendan.  As he thought he would love it as much as he does too.  “Doby” was named by Hayden at around 9 months.  He kept pointing to something in his room and saying “Doby” over and over.  By the time I went through all the toys, he singled out Doby and from that day forward, Doby he has been.  


Jason bought Doby for Hayden when Hayden was around 3 months old.  He bought it from an obscure shop somewhere between Griffith, NSW & Albury, NSW!  Once Hayden saw Doby, there was no separation!  Fast forward a year, Doby is particularly ‘loved’ and is thinning out, so we purchase a spare Doby to throw into the mix (bath day’s for Doby are always traumatic).  Upon one bath day, Doby was inadvertently washed with red sheets (Hayden vomited and all bed linen and Doby was chucked into machine).  So Doby was pink. The search for the ‘back up’ then began – there were no longer any in Australia.  So we ordered from the USA, and paid a bucketload to replace the pink Doby.


So, Hayden has three Doby’s.  The original Doby (skinny, basically a bit of material!) Hayden gave to Brendan – 



and he is so very loved!  Brendan calls it Doby as well!

So, the boys have Doby’s and they can most definitely tell theirs apart.  Hayden still to this day sleeps with both his Doby’s (the pink washed out after a year or so!!) and his PVC model “Toothless” from the How to Train your Dragon stage show.  There is a big story behind this Toothless – 



On one shopping trip to Chermside, Hayden left Toothless in the Parents room.  When we realised this (about 30 mins later) we immediately went back -but it was too late as it was already gone.  Hayden was devastated, as he knew that you could not buy Toothless in the shops.  So, I began a 2 month long campaign with Dreamworks (yes, the production company) in the USA to obtain another Toothless for Hayden.  I finally got one – and Hayden was so happy!  He never takes Toothless out of the house anymore!!


Next essential is Emma’s – totally picked out by her (from a selection of toys!) –



Blankey (named by Emma) is getting particularly decrepid.  He was green!  We have tried to find a replacement or at least a back up, but I cannot see them anywhere!  All three got one each as a gift, the other two are not interested in theirs.  Blankey goes everywhere with Emma; down the slide, on the trampoline….  We no longer let them take any ‘essentials’ to the shops just in case.  Blankey is constantly dirty and it is getting harder and harder to prise him away for a bath!  


Lastly, Miss Caitlyn.  Caitlyn is very particularly.  “Bubbies” (named by Caitlyn) is her absolute will not go to sleep without toy.  However, Bubbies is often a term to describe more than one toy so she can have extras in bed!  Cunning much?!



The funniest thing about all the ‘essentials’ is that no matter how much the kids fight, cry, whinge and refuse to share – the one thing they have NEVER fought over is their Doby/Blankey/Bubbies.  When one is sick, another will go and get their Doby/Blankey/Bubbies and bring it to the whoever is sick, upset or cranky.  It is actually very cute.  Each day you can be guaranteed to be asked where said essential is!  None of them will sleep without their ‘friend’ either.


I often wonder how long it will be before Hayden stops sleeping with Doby.  I know that we need to get Doby (all three) to a doll hospital to re-fill or re-stuff them. Doby is quite emaciated 🙁  I have tried to replace Blanky with the same coloured minky blanket etc, Emma’s response – “That is no Blankey, go away”!!

Bath days for these little sources of great comfort is very very traumatic.  Often I have three little bums sitting in front of the washing machine.  They will nick off with them wet rather than let me hang them on the line some days!


This is the stuff that is so worth remembering.  I wonder if they will keep their beloved sleep buddy?  I wonder if they will still hold great importance in 5 years time?  I hope so!



Zoo Time

21st November 2012


Yesterday we headed on up to Australia Zoo. We were naughty and took Hayden out of school for one day (but we did tell his teachers!!) as we had some friends visiting from the UK and it was too good an opportunity to miss weekend and school holiday crowds!

We left with the best intentions, individually packaged snack bags for the kids and a fully charged camera battery. I do think, somewhere, Jase & I forgot that we had 2 1/2 year old triplet who couldn’t give a flying toss what we say!!! Now in saying that, hear me out – we are always outnumbered and out smarted by these three little terrors! Seeing as lately they refuse to have a nap during the day we thought we’d be ok and that they would miraculously realise they were at a zoo and therefore should just be so excited that fatigue would not strike. Well, we were wrong! About the time we were waiting (with all the other zoo goers) for the midday crocoseaum show to start they decided that enough was enough. We had tears, mini tanties, complete and utter chaos and noise. Hayden, quite wisely, sat with our friends and was discussing just how noisy his siblings can be. We had people move seats! At these stage, Jase & I did look at each other and think – ‘why did we think this was a good idea’?! Thankfully, the show started and they quietened down a little.

Hayden was especially lucky and one of the beautiful Macaws flew over his head and dropped a feather – which he has kept. We were lucky that Hayden had some other adults there to give him some attention – poor kid someways is totally outnumbered and has to deal with his siblings routine before he gets his time in.

Some days, quite literally, I blown away by how tolerant and amazing this little boy is.


After the triple meltdown, we had lunch. That seemed to shoosh them for a bit! We then headed on out to Africa on the shuttle (where again we had people move away from us!!) to take in the rest of the zoo.


It is an amazing zoo and I love that it’s about conservation and promotes that. Hayden really learned a great deal – from asking questions which were always politely answered and from his own ‘research’!

Remember I said we had a full battery on the camera? Well we are prettying relying on Holly & Nathan’s pics now. Wrangling the triplets left us with no ‘spare’ hands for photos!! Did get a few though!





Overall it was worth it – kids were all asleep within five minutes in the car – and then at home it was screaming, crying and so big until bath and bed they were so tired! The joys of toddlers!! It was so different with just ‘one’ at a time. Seems like a lifetime ago that Hayden was this age!

But, going out and doing something is sure better than staying home! At least the noise is shared!!

We did purchase annual passes and are going to take just Hayden – for a good loon around sans siblings – and for some quality time with us. I am truly blessed with four beautiful children, trying, tiring and sometimes overwhelming, but it will be and is all worth it!