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Mummy Moments

7th November 2014

As we roll on into November, it is becoming the time of year for all kids concerts/events to be performed.  The end of year round up, Christmas shows, you name it; I am sure just about everyone out there has events like this scattered on their calendars where they will be watching dancing, singing, or a variation of the same/both.

The trio have been dancing for nearly all of this year.  They had their first concert the other week – a real, big time, on the big stage, ticketed event, for which they practiced, rehearsed and then rehearsed some more.  The rehearsals began months ago, and the preparation has been intense to say the least.  I have been scared out of my mind on many occasions, wondering how I will be able to apply makeup and this hair piece thing (a ‘wiglet’) appropriately, and not be ‘that mother’ who has a child lose their hair piece during the show.  I think the rehearsals were more stressful for me to be honest.  A world where clearly, I do not fit in.  Limber, lithe dancers of all ages and dance mums; and me a relative gargantuan at 6″2 with no real understanding of the mechanisms of dance concerts, or the need for exactly the right shade of eyeshadow.  Now I write this not to be derogatory to anyone but myself – I had no idea what I was getting myself in for when the kids said they wanted to do ‘the concert’.

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Motherhood, Work Life Balance

The things we do

5th October 2014

In the name of motherhood, we do so many things!  Things that I am sure when I envisioned motherhood, I never thought I would be doing *so much* of.  The real, every day stuff.  Like constantly being called by four tiny humans.  Varying levels of “Mum/Mummy/Muuuuummmmmmy/MumMumMumMumMummy” at least 400 times a day.  Yep, in one day.  Idle thoughts like “Muuum, can I have an apple?’  “Mum, I can’t find _____”.  Most questions revolve around food, or equality (she has more, she hit me twice, he has my car, he tricked me). Continue Reading…