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Standing Tall{er}

18th January 2015

Last year, Hayden was bullied at school.  On and off, and often with no real reason why, and with varying levels of bullying antics.  Hayden was understandably upset.  Hayden had questions – “why do kids be this mean?”, “why do they think I am stupid/fat/ugly/waste of space/nerd/geek/dumb?”.  Thing is, I don’t know.  I don’t understand why kids are that mean.  I don’t know what they get out of it.

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Kids, Motherhood

The Bully, Part II

7th December 2014

Earlier this week, Hayden was bullied at school.  I can say the term bullied because it is was not an isolated event.  He has been bullied several times this year – which in itself is not a good thing.  We have been working with Hayden and the school for these ‘situations’, which has been since Term 1.  This week though was the first time something of that nature occurred.  We still don’t know exactly who did it.  Which is mildly frustrating.  I do wish we could find out, not for any other reason than I would want to know that that child is not going to do it again; and that they are ok as it is not a common thing to just urinate on kids clothes.

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The Bully.

1st December 2014

We have all heard of them. We have probably all been the victim of one.  Today the term took on a completely different meaning for me, and for my special big boy.  Today Hayden was bullied beyond the definition of bullying.  He was singled out, for gosh knows what reason, and all I can do to stop myself from crying is try and work out the best way to move forward.

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The Anatomy of a Day

29th October 2014

This week, I am completing the Week in the Life project by Ali Edwards.  I love the idea behind this and a big part of why I blog here is so I don’t forget the little things.  This project focuses on what we do, how we do, and a bit of why we do, every day, for seven days in a row – or a week.  I am finding it interesting to say the least and am taking a lot of photos.  I know that I already have a fairly well formed routine, but it is interesting coming at it from a different angle – telling all the stories that happen in a day, be it routine or otherwise.

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Kids, Motherhood

Boy meets blog

17th October 2014

I had a moment of stunned silence the other day.  Hayden came running into my room, and was crying.  I was initially worried that something was wrong, as he is not a cryer.  He came up to me, and hugged me and said thank you.  I was a bit blown away because I could not think immediately think what/why he was thanking me – and so I asked what was going on.  Here is how the story goes –

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