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Motherhood, Work Life Balance

Thinking out loud

20th July 2015

A journal.
Do we even journal honestly? Like “today, my day was totally shit; I did nothing but crave ice-cream and M & M’s from about 10am onwards. I wanted to stay in my pajamas and not talk to anyone, anyone at all. I did not want to even talk to my kids. I just wanted to read in my bed and stay warm and not be responsible for anyone or anything”. Instead, I spilled three litres of milk all over the floor courtesy of little helpers. I yelled until my voice was hoarse at kids that choose to listen to their inner voices and just do whatever the fu*# they choose too. I then tried to go to the shops to do groceries. On the way out to the car Brendan kicked Caitlyn, Caitlyn cried, screamed and then took justice. Emma then fell over and I ended up with three out of four kids crying. Right now I am just reveling in the motherhood thing. Living the dream right? Right.

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Sunshine & Rainbows..*cough

23rd June 2015

This not an adequate description of parenting. It is NOT all sunshine, rainbows, and happy times! It certainly has a good dusting of these, but these are the good bits. It is predominantly made up of tears, frustration, teamwork, routine, sleeplessness, more tears and arguments and negotiations. It is like working on a negotiation then to have to start all over again because the goal posts have shifted. It is like being outnumbered every day. It is a regime; dictated by four tiny humans that constantly amaze me with how intelligent they are.

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Motherhood, Work Life Balance

On being Mama

30th March 2015

It’s not all that its cracked up to be. Sure, there are countless hugs, smiles and ‘I love you’s’ but there is SO. Much. Doubt. Doubting of yourself, your decisions and your methods. Worrying about the ‘big picture’ the things that might be a direct response from your decision to feed your kids weetbix for tea because you are simply exhausted, haven’t had time to organize dinner and have not got any fight left in you after being battled all day by four inquisitive and sharp minds.


The constant chatter, both in your mind and all around you. The yearning for silence, and then when they are all asleep wanting to wake them up and talk to them or just hear them laugh. The arguments in your head – you talk yourself in and out of things in a matter of seconds. The way you quickly adjust to this gig and simply put yourself last, every time. Sharing everything, dividing whatever it is you are eating into five pieces, equal pieces. The ability to risk assess and manage almost any playground, park or play area in a matter of seconds. Knowing exactly what your child wants, often before they even ask for it.

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Craft, Kids

Photos + Words = Stories

31st October 2014

Following on from “Anatomy of a Day“, this post will be another snapshot of our day through the Week in the Life viewpoint, a concept by Ali Edwards, where you basically dissect and document *all* that makes up your day, for seven days/a week.  I am really enjoying the process and really looking at how I get about my day in great detail – through not only to-do lists, but photos, and observations.  Many of the photos I am taking are things I normally would not photograph.  Things that are, for me, normal, every day occurrences.  From the morning cereal choices – (colour coded of course)

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Around Here

24th October 2014

School holidays are over – already.  Term four is now in it’s third week.  Man, this year has flown.  All school/kindy ‘things’ are winding up, and Christmas celebrations are already being discussed.  Wow, just wow.

The days are warmer, the sun has bite, and the nights are still a little brisk.  It is the most glorious time of the year!

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