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Old School(ish)

10th April 2015

Remember the childhood memories like getting mail that was actually addressed to you? Licking the beaters from baking? Reading for hours, without having to account for your time? I do. My FAVOURITE bits of being a kid. A time, in retrospect, where you are not really responsible for anything except your own hygiene and a few chores. No real jobs. No real pressing issues.


Well, I have four tiny humans who I am trying to ensure grow up with some ‘cool’ kid memories and an imagination. Easier said than done with the addition of touch just about anything screens. Non-digital (do we call them analogue?!) books competing with electronic touch screen e-readers that have colour, fancy pictures and well; they don’t make your hand go numb while contorting yourself to read and stay awake and not upset the dog, who is fast encroaching on your space. Sometimes it is a no-brainer, the e-version is heaps cheaper, and you get it instantly. But something still is so incredibly satisfying about holding a book. The weight. The page turning.

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