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A Different Kind of Blog Hop

20th October 2014

Last week, I was nominated by the beautiful Petra Cocoran to participate in “a different kind of blog hop’.  Petra is an amazing project lifer, and was on Becky Higgins’s creative team such is her talent!  So I feel very special to be nominated by her 🙂

I love blog hop’s – they always lead you to amazing places that you may never have seen before – and I can spend hours reading through all the carefully crafted words, pictures and stories.  So, here I am – and here are the questions –

1.  What am I working on right now?

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18th June 2014

Life around here lately seems to be focused on words.  Which is fine, as I am a bit of a word nerd.  We still have “seriously” featuring heavily in the rotation of daily ranting.  But now, we have a new contender –  “Actually Mummy…..”.  I must hear that at least 50 times a day.  Usually when I am being corrected by one of the four who believe quite firmly that they are indeed correct.  The topic can range from anything to do with cake being good for you because is like fruit, right through to the ‘real’ meaning of words (like doppelganger!). Continue Reading…

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Remember those ‘bad’ days?

7th May 2014

Friday I had one of *those* days.  One that felt like it was never going to end, and one where I was fighting an uphill battle against four little humans, gravity, and well just about anything that I tried to accomplish.

Normally I do our families memory keeping predominantly through Project Life and this blog.  I also have email addresses set up for all the kids (all just where I send them an email about something (even mundane) they have done with a picture and sometimes just a story.  In any case, I will hand over the reigns of the addresses to them when they are older.  Not sure if it is an 18th Birthday moment or not.  I have been doing it for about a year now, and love it.  I hope the kids do as well.  Anyway, I digress!  Mainly our week is documented through photos and words.  I like to add in small tiny humanism’s.  For example, yesterday, Brendan said he couldn’t go to kindy because….wait for it….he could not feel his legs.  I lost it laughing at him!  That right there is what I love recording and keeping a moment captured for all of us to appreciate and laugh, cry or cherish in times to come. Continue Reading…


Project Life – half way there?!!

30th June 2013

Time has literally flown this year! I have to say, I’m incredibly chuffed with not only keeping up to date with project life, but with the outcome! My kids and husband now love looking back, and it is amazing looking at how the kids have grown, changed and the seemingly ‘little’ things we have done each week.

The last few weeks I have had quite a few ‘hidden’ journaling cards as there has been a few events that have just been so emotive, that I felt it was more honest to ‘hide’ the journaling. Here are a few pages of late, using the studio calico PL kit ->



I LOVE the Amy Tangerine stamps that came with this Studio Calico set!!

Here is another week, using a Polka Dot Creative Mini Kit ->




I can’t believe that I’m up to week 26 and that more importantly, half the year is gone!

I am working on a few mini albums (love them!) – currently one each for the kids, and am going to wrap the half year mark up with a ‘currents’ for each of us – so what we are reading, watching, saying and doing as individuals and a family. I think I will start the next half of the year in a new album though – its getting heavy!

I am totally in love with PL and so glad I stumbled upon it!


Amy Tangerine Visit ~> Lovely!

1st June 2013

The wonderfully talented (and amazingly nice!!) Amy Tan visited Spotlight stores recently in Australia.  I was lucky enough to get to one of the stores to meet her, and a few of the Project Life Australia Group people in ‘real’ life!  It was awesome!

I had rung the store weeks prior to check and ‘book’ a seat, and yep, in true Ali style, had called and re-checked four times.  I think they were sick of me calling – mind you the first call they had no idea Amy was coming!  Anyway, Jase was unfortunately working – despite me begging for him to get the day off!!  So, after much planning, pleading and begging got enough people in to look after munchkins and pick up Haydos 🙂  All was good.  It was a mammoth effort to get out of the door in ‘nice’ clothes without being swarmed with sticky fingers and snotty grotty noses!!  Anyway, I arrived half an hour early as I was so worried about missing a seat or not getting a park!  So, I got to see the set up and sit down and catch up on my words with friends games!

I have made a day book (from Amy’s range naturally) and here are some shots from it –

Inside - personalised just for me :)

Inside – personalised just for me 🙂




My moment of stardom - Amy took a photo of my PL as it had the info card in it from Becky Higgin's Core kits....

My moment of stardom – Amy took a photo of my PL as it had the info card in it from Becky Higgin’s Core kits….






So none of my make and take’s are going to be ever used – haha!  The card is stuck down here, but the tags *could* be removed if I wanted to….but they are so special!  Amy blogged about her Brisbane visit here and it featured a few pictures from the Everton Park store and of me & my PL which I felt like a rockstar about!  You can see it here.

Sorry for the picture overload – trust me, this is not all of them!  I actually got these all printed from Persnickety Prints – their quality is amazing, so I think I will be using them a great deal more -especially seeing as they do the wonderful PL rounded corners!

So to Amy – a very very big –

Thanks Amy!

Thanks Amy!