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Mothering…the road full of pot holes

20th May 2015

If you had of asked me 8 years ago what I thought this ‘mothering’ thing was going to be like; I would have no doubt been clueless. Mainly because I had a baby who did not do much other than feed, babble and sleep (eventually).  Ask me now, four kids in total later, and I still don’t think I know.  I suspect being a mother is inherent in most of us – whether we have kids or not, because we care, nurture and help so many people – even our kid/s!

Mother’s Day has been and gone for this year, and I celebrated mine a week late as we were not able to celebrate on the ‘real day’.  I love Mother’s Day.  I get all choked up with tears with the little hand made cards, comments written by teachers verbatim from my kids.  I love it. I love their insight of *me* – of who I am to them.  That is what means so much to me.  I know how I am, but how they see me – I love the  naked and raw truth of it jotted down in cards, or by caring teachers who may not always be mothers, but always know how important it is to mums!  (thank you to all my kids teachers, who always have more patience than I for filling out cards, surveys and stories about their Mum!).

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