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I Blinked..

1st February 2015

Today I realised how fast time does fly.  I had minimal warning, thanks to a change in legislation very late last year, which meant that the trio were actually eligible this year for school instead of next year.  I was not all together prepared for them to start school this year – don’t get me wrong, I am absolutely ok with it, as I think it will be a massive benefit to them, but I had worked on Kindy (again) this year,  and Prep for 2016.  So this week, they started school.  Three little Preppies and a Grade Three’er.  Feels as though I blinked and it has all happened so fast.

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The Bully.

1st December 2014

We have all heard of them. We have probably all been the victim of one.  Today the term took on a completely different meaning for me, and for my special big boy.  Today Hayden was bullied beyond the definition of bullying.  He was singled out, for gosh knows what reason, and all I can do to stop myself from crying is try and work out the best way to move forward.

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