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“The” Tree & This Week.

7th December 2012

So, after a week of looking at the lovely photo tree on the wall, Jase added these lights last night ūüôā



So, the kids were very happy and had a bit of a dance around; ok; well in front of the tree! ¬†I am sad that we don’t have proper tree, but I do realise that if we did, by now, my sanity would be somewhere with the missing ornaments! ¬†Considering the damage these three can do in 5 minutes, I do think we made the right decision! ¬†


It really is lovely looking at the pictures – they are spread out over the year, and wow, the kids have grown. There have been so many milestones, achievements and accomplishments this year, and as a family we have really grown – in leaps and bounds! ¬†It is still amazing some days to pull up at home, and realise that, yes, we do own this house (well some of it…) and that we have four healthy, beautiful kids that are all thriving and doing exceptional things. ¬†It is really a ‘pinch’ yourself moment some days. ¬†

I know that often people often say they don’t know what they did before they had kids – well I don’t remember! ¬†I think a great deal of it was priorities, and what was essential. ¬†It was a totally different routine every day. ¬†These days my alarm clock consists of four kids – they tend to alternate though! ¬†I no longer worry about oversleeping, as that just does not exist in my day to day life now! ¬†I worry instead about enough clothes, enough food, what is for dinner, and smaller details that have a massive impact on our day! ¬†

I take great pride in my kids (if you could not already tell!!). ¬†This week we went to the museum (yes, again…) to a new exhibit, “Explore-a-sauraus”. ¬†Sounds a bit like a Dora episode! ¬†It is a paid exhibit, but worth every cent of the $10 fee! ¬†Here is the kids digging up a fossil –¬†








This was not the highlight though – mind you they had a ball! ¬†They uncovered each fossil slowly and meticulously with the tools provided – it is really well set up. ¬†Just some of the displays –¬†




The bit that actually made my day, was the lovely lady who works at the museum. ¬†She came up to me and said “Sorry to bother you, but I just wanted to let you know that you have four of the most well mannered children I have ever seen, and they are a credit to you. ¬†They are lovely children, what a great job you are doing!”. ¬†Now to honest, I really thought I was going to get another comment – ‘are they triplets, how old…etc’. ¬†So it was a pleasant surprise to be honest. ¬†Lovely to hear that my kids are well mannered! ¬†


The day had started off pretty poor – Emma got bitten by a wasp ūüôĀ ¬†Mongrel got her three times ūüôĀ So we had ice, cuddles and more ice. ¬†We then headed into the museum. ¬†When we got to the museum, Emma spewed everywhere – likely an antihistamine response to the wasp but guess what I didn’t pack? Spare clothes…So, we all had a bit of a family huddle – Hayden wanted to go to the museum still as we were there, and so did Emma. ¬†She did not want to go home! ¬†So, up we went to the gift shop to get Emma a shirt or some form of attire! ¬†She was nuddie other than a nappy! She got a mummy shirt like her big brother – but in pink!


She was so brave!  And she had such a great time at the museum!

I have otherwise been absorbed by work and kids this week (same old same old eh?).  Hayden wrote out Christmas cards for his friends at school last night Рand it hit me that the kid can read and write now and he has almost finished his first year at school.  He has the countdown in his head already Рfive more days next week and then school holidays with Christmas and then I go to grade one.  It really does fly, I remember someone saying once they start school it seems to go even quicker!  I am so incredibly proud of him though, he has  really applied himself and has excelled this year.  My special boy!

So, my other daily ‘job’ is photo of the day. ¬†This month I have taken on the FMS Photo of the Day prompts and am not completely sold. ¬†It is great, but I feel like I am spending time trying to work out what to photograph with the prompt than just enjoying the spontaneity of the day? ¬†Weird I know, but I like order and routine!! ¬†But I will do the month! ¬†Here is my first 6 days of both the Blythe A Day and the FMS –¬†




The prompts have been – For Blythe –¬†

1.  Pink

2.  Glasses

3.  Candy/Lollies

4.  Hat

5.  Drink

6.  Buttons

FMS –¬†

1. ¬†8 O’Clock

2.  Peace

3.  Something you held

4.  Black and White

5.  Looking up

6.  From where you live

So you can see what I have taken, and I think I have addressed the prompts; but some days I really struggle! ¬†Today is Star for FMS and 7 for Blythe. ¬†Not sure how to do either as we have no tree with a star…but might take the stars tonight…ugh…anyways, off to crazy kid land and to enjoy a piece of Ginger Cake – the recipe was given to me the other day after it was deemed I was ‘old enough’ to hand it down too! ¬†A dear old friends mother has given it to me (along with a few others) as she finally thinks I am grown up enough! ¬†The realisation of being grown up is a bit scary though – but here is to Ginger Cake (and cups of tea!!) ūüôā


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