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28th April 2012
Time certainly does fly.  Seems silly actually ‘saying’ it, but this week and this year has whizzed on by!
Last Sunday we went to Seaworld with some beautiful friends of ours and kids.  It was a lovely day – and despite it being a 30 degree day without us expecting it, and roads closed for marathons, which considerably lengthened our journey, we have a great day.  Sounds horrible, but I get so sick of answering –
“How old are your twins”  – well they are actually triplets…
“Were they natural”?  – as opposed to what, robots?!!!
The list is endless, and we had no shortage of stares, tutting (B was getting quite tetchy at lunch time and grizzling a bit…) and difficulty getting around with the prams.
I never really thought about this before, as last time we went to Seaworld the trio were younger . But, there are really no areas where you can let them run around – safely!  So, the penguin display and the shark/reef/fish displays (which are all awesome!) were a great reprieve.  Caitlyn just refused to stay behind the viewing rail – cheeky little bugger!  Emma on the other hand was looking in sheer amazement – pointing ‘ “Shark” to the shark and “fishy” to the other fish.  She did differentiate between small and large fish!  She also was saying ‘hi’ to them all and it was gorgeous.  B was initially mesmerised by the spectacular view and insight, but then realised he could run around so he did.  Thank goodness we had Mick, Gemma. Jacob, Liam & Jade to tackle babies and monitor the perimeters!  Makes us sound slack as parents, but the crowds were mental, and these kids ~run~ and fast!
A big hit was the penguin encounter.  I walked up to have a squizz and they were all walking away, and it reminded me of the OPTUS ad – went to text someone about it, and had NO service….trust me, it was funny at the time!
Kids – all ages – loved the penguins, upside, it was air conditioned and they could all cool off a little!
This week was out of the ordinary with Anzac day – ergo trio had no daycare 🙁  But, I am so incredibly proud that Hayden was chosen from his class to lay a wreath at the Anzac service.  He was so respectful, and his level of understanding about what Anzac day is all about is phenomenal.
I am so proud of him!  The school had their service on Tuesday, and on Anzac day we went to the dawn service (Mum, we have been awake ALL night, the sun is only coming up now, was his comment on the way home!!) with his Poppy (great).  He was captivated by the camaraderie and the basis for Anzac day.  He was very quick to determine that it is a solemn day, and not a holiday.  I thought that was pretty cool.
Hayden even got to go out on the bowling greens ( a horrendous NO NO for kids normally!!) and had the game of bowls explained to him – Hayden’s take – should be called pirates as the black ones are trying to blow the white ones up!  Out of the mouth of babes!
So the week progresses, much like any other, although, when you say that, you know that there is always one or two things that are special about each day!!  Caitlyn and Brendan completed a fair amount of wall art with a texta this week.  Upon questioning, Caitlyn admits to 6 of the 8, and blames B for the other 2! Emma was actually not involved as was with me making lunch!
The saving grace was that it all came off with good old baby wipes!
Bake some Anzac biscuits – kids are ultimately addicted now!  Will have to make some more – forget how easy they are to make.
Have been getting some time in the craft room and have made a few things that I am still working on.  SO much fun to be had!  I got my Big Shot die cutter this week and OMG, I love it so much!  It is so incredibly cool, and I can see the longevity and transferability from cards to scrapping to any form of craft!
Got to see a brand new bubba yesterday -cannot believe how big she is already, Jase and I were holding her and just thinking – wow, how fast they grow.  Seriously, Caitlyn was a whopping 1800 grams born, she is now one solid little unit!  IN any case, it was lovely to catch up with two beautiful ladies and a baby, and we have now got a mower (thanks Whitney xx).  And some special cuddles with Lucy!
Today of course was the local Mayoral vote – Hayden again wanted to know where the donkey was….seriously, there was a line out the door, it was bucketing rain and there was only ‘one’ checkout open to get the ballots!  Anywhoo…
My other excitement of the week – I am now – after coveting for years – a Macbook owner!  I am in love!  It is amazing, and I am so lucky!  I have had it on my ‘want’ list for years!  Jase just went in and bought it on Thursday (which sucked as I had to go to work and could not play with it!!!) but it is lovely – and off limits to all others!
The guy that served Jase was more than a little freaked out as he knew exactly what he wanted and was looking to just purchase and walk out!  Much to my embarrassment I got the big round of applause when leaving the store (skulking out, excited as, with the kids prams) which, after all the i Devices we own, is funny as it is the first time ever we have had the applause!
It has been bucketing rain here all day and night, the sandbags downstairs are still there thank goodness!  We ventured out to Chermside purely to get out as the kids were going demented from boredom, and guess that everyone else had the same idea!  It was so busy there!  Kids had a little play a the gated play centre (thank GOODNESS for that gate!!!) and we mosied around for a little while….a lovely Saturday topped off with home made creamed chicken soup  & crusty bread.  It is the perfect weather for sleeping and curling up with a good book, so I think the book is sounding good right about now!!
Finally – I am a Stampin’ Up Demonstrator, so if you would like a workshop, party or to order some supplies drop me an email 🙂  The Autumn mini catalogue is DIVINE!  I have just ordered a few things to play with, so will post them up here over the next few days.
S’bout it for now 🙂  Thanks for stopping by x

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