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To Tree or Not to Tree?!!

1st December 2012

A very big question – one that my husband & I have been pondering for weeks!  We have decided to ‘tree’ but in a different way.  Last year the trio destroyed so many ornaments from seconds of not being supervised and many of them were irreplaceable 🙁  So, I have been looking at alternatives for a few weeks.  Thought about a Felt Christmas tree, but know that the felt ornaments and tree will end up anywhere but on the wall. So, nothing was really striking me as ‘doable’.  Until I saw a photo in Instagram from the lovely Tamar – this was amazing!  She got photos from Instagram and arranged them like a Christmas tree.  So, I ventured off to Harvey Norman to have my Instagram pics printed.  Well – that was a mission.  Three times is the charm – and it was for me.  So, Thursday I went over there armed with my phone.  I have >2000 photos on my phone, and I stupidly thought that as they had advertised that they can print Instagram photos (they being Harvey Norman) it would only search for the app and the associated photos.  Oh so incredibly wrong!  So, I sat there for 30 mins (with kids in car with Jase watching the Fantastic Mr Fox!!) only for the stupid computer to freeze and lose my order.  ARGH!  So, I went back today with only the photos I wanted printed on my iPad.  Nope – does not recognise photos from an iPad.  So, drove home again, and went back today with photos on a USB.  Got them done!  Hoorah!  Have them printed as 5″ x 5″ – it is an AWESOME effect and size!  I love it!  Works really well for portrait shots as well – I really love the size and will definitely use it again!  But I digress….

So; I had to chose 21 photos for the ‘tree’ .  I had too many to choose from, but Hayden and I came up with the 21 photos, and one extra for the base of the ‘tree’.  This is the bare bones of it – I am thinking of LED lights around it and some on wall stickers etc – I think it looks amazing even sans decorations!

Our safest option for a tree this festive season!

Our safest option for a tree this festive season!


I know it is not perfectly straight – but for me that is pretty darn good!  Jason will likely be the ‘straightener’ tomorrow and get is sorted!


So, that is our first decoration up for the first day of Christmas!  Will do more tomorrow when we are all awake and home together 🙂  It is very exciting, it really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Onto a new month, and the last one for this year funnily enough.  The year has flown so incredibly fast.  This month, for my photo of the day, I am going with two – and themed ones for each day.  I have seen many people use this method for documenting and recording their day to day lives.  For every month this year (yay me!!!) I have taken a photo of the day.  Mine have been random things through the day and have been great to review over the year.  They are not in any order or sequence and are mainly of the kids and events in our lives on that day.  Well Fat Mum Slim whom I have just discovered (again through one of the crafty and cool ladies I posted about the other day!!) has a photo of the day sequence.  Each day, you take a photo of a particular colour, event, time or activity.  Today, I decided to go with this for the month of December and see what I come up with!  Today the prompt was 8 o’clock.  Could be pm or am.  Here is my pic for today –



I keep looking at the list and wonder for some days what I will do!  I will have to print out the list and keep it with the photos to make sense of it all in years to come!  I am looking at ways to preserve my almost 365 photos.  Not sure what happens when the year rolls on – wonder if the app just keeps on going?  I sure hope so!  You can make PDF booklets to print as a memento, but the description ends up stuffing up the page alignment so I need to look at some way of keeping it all together and making sure that my effort all year is not going to be wasted!

I was looking through my Instagram feed this morning and sawthat there is also a Blythe Photo of the day.  So, I have decided this month to do two project 365’s – I have been using the pro version all year (paid App) and have just downloaded the free one for the Blythe POTD.  The free one is the same thing – just has ads which do drive me nuts, but I will persist to see what the month will look like with a photo everyday of Blythe!  Today’s prompt was ‘pink’ here is my pic –




So, the last month is one day shorter already, and the countdown for Christmas is on!

Will have to finalise the goodies to bake and the kids presents….Hayden has worked out that Santa gives him a present and so do Mummy & Daddy. So he is hitting us up for a few other things as Santa will have his list covered!  Talk about a smooth operator!

I hope however or whatever your Tree is, it is perfect for you and your family!

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