4th June 2013

Hayden lost his first tooth last week – May 31 to be precise!

He had a wiggly tooth (lower left number 23) for a few weeks. He saw the school dentist who advised that it might have to be extracted if it didn’t fall out itself as the new ‘big boy’ tooth was growing behind it.

So, a few weeks passed, and a thousand apples and muslei bars later, still no tooth out! So, we had to book him into the dentist to have it extracted 🙁


So here’s Hayden in the chair 🙂 he was amazing! Not scared, only complained once when the local injection went in – “ooh that hurt a bit”. In his usual manner he charmed the dentist and the dental nurse who both commented on how resilient he was and how funny. One of Hayden’s comments – ‘it’s been a rough day today, I think I need a spa bath’!!!

So here is the after shot –


The dental nurse called to check on him on Saturday (and was rather sad that she couldn’t talk to him as he was out at scouts!!!!) and again reiterated how amazing he was!!

So my special boy has now lost his first tooth! The tooth fairy came – he was very very excited! Another milestone done 🙁



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