17th March 2014

One thing I hope that I can start with my family are traditions ~ things that my kids can look back on when they are a little older and know that some things really are *special* to us as a family – and I guess unique.

For the fourth year now, Hayden and Jason have been Broncos members. They love it. It gives Hayden some one on one time without the three inquisitive and somewhat noisy siblings, and gives him some great time with his dad!

I often ask what they talk about. And I get the same response from both “footy, marvel superheroes, lego, and just stuff”.

They have their own routine. Bus from Chermside, where Hayden pretty much talks the whole way or is asleep! Half time in the members area where Hayden knows the way all by himself (not that he does it alone) has his spot where he sits (seriously the same place each game) and has a paddle pop. He and Jason have such a good time!

Hayden has gone from being an occasional observer (he would often get to half time and be a bit bored) to someone who avidly watches the whole game.

He is really growing up, and I do think that I have to stop calling him a little boy and just stick with boy. He is seven, but so aware of life, and routine. He is amazing.

Part of the tradition of the season membership is taking a photo for the first home game.


Hers is this years, with an Emma photobomb!

This year Jason is going to take a triplet each home game – just one. And keep it special. Next year we might have to buy more seats!! The membership is Jason’s Father’s Day present each year. I think it’s a great gift and enables them to have special daddy time.

I really hope when the kids are older, the remember things like the first home game, and the special time they get with their dad there.

Here’s hoping!

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