Zoo Time

21st November 2012


Yesterday we headed on up to Australia Zoo. We were naughty and took Hayden out of school for one day (but we did tell his teachers!!) as we had some friends visiting from the UK and it was too good an opportunity to miss weekend and school holiday crowds!

We left with the best intentions, individually packaged snack bags for the kids and a fully charged camera battery. I do think, somewhere, Jase & I forgot that we had 2 1/2 year old triplet who couldn’t give a flying toss what we say!!! Now in saying that, hear me out – we are always outnumbered and out smarted by these three little terrors! Seeing as lately they refuse to have a nap during the day we thought we’d be ok and that they would miraculously realise they were at a zoo and therefore should just be so excited that fatigue would not strike. Well, we were wrong! About the time we were waiting (with all the other zoo goers) for the midday crocoseaum show to start they decided that enough was enough. We had tears, mini tanties, complete and utter chaos and noise. Hayden, quite wisely, sat with our friends and was discussing just how noisy his siblings can be. We had people move seats! At these stage, Jase & I did look at each other and think – ‘why did we think this was a good idea’?! Thankfully, the show started and they quietened down a little.

Hayden was especially lucky and one of the beautiful Macaws flew over his head and dropped a feather – which he has kept. We were lucky that Hayden had some other adults there to give him some attention – poor kid someways is totally outnumbered and has to deal with his siblings routine before he gets his time in.

Some days, quite literally, I blown away by how tolerant and amazing this little boy is.


After the triple meltdown, we had lunch. That seemed to shoosh them for a bit! We then headed on out to Africa on the shuttle (where again we had people move away from us!!) to take in the rest of the zoo.


It is an amazing zoo and I love that it’s about conservation and promotes that. Hayden really learned a great deal – from asking questions which were always politely answered and from his own ‘research’!

Remember I said we had a full battery on the camera? Well we are prettying relying on Holly & Nathan’s pics now. Wrangling the triplets left us with no ‘spare’ hands for photos!! Did get a few though!





Overall it was worth it – kids were all asleep within five minutes in the car – and then at home it was screaming, crying and so big until bath and bed they were so tired! The joys of toddlers!! It was so different with just ‘one’ at a time. Seems like a lifetime ago that Hayden was this age!

But, going out and doing something is sure better than staying home! At least the noise is shared!!

We did purchase annual passes and are going to take just Hayden – for a good loon around sans siblings – and for some quality time with us. I am truly blessed with four beautiful children, trying, tiring and sometimes overwhelming, but it will be and is all worth it!

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