5 Favourite Blog Posts – 2014

31st December 2014

I am joining in on Kellie’s 15 for 2015 – 5 fave blog posts, 5 fave photos and 5 fave crafted items for 2014.  I have really put a lot more time this year into blogging and have enjoyed it immensely – I am hoping to get a bit more of a schedule in place for 2015 to regularly blog and get my stories out there 🙂  I can dream right?!  So, after going through blog posts – here are my favourite five from this year –

5.  “Remember those bad days?” – We all have them – I just turned this one into a lovely keepsake haha – to remind me that no matter what, I always will have days where the milk gets spilled, my tea goes cold for the 20th time and all the other things in between.

4.  “My Life’s {Paid} Work” – Nursing is a very (very) big part of who I am.  Here is a post about how it is engrained in almost every fibre of my being!

3.  “Let Go” – This post was actually a relief to write – it looks at how kids get their body image confidence or lack there of, from me – I do many things to get out of photos, yet want heaps of them.  Anyway, I put it a little more aptly in this post.

2.  “Mummy Moments” – This post is a bragging mummy post.  They did all the hard work, I just had to drive them and dress them in fancy costume (and cry…out of pride!).

1.  “Anatomy of a Day” – I love this post because no matter what, no day is going to be like this again.  I love that I have documented our seemingly mundane things.  In 2015, it won’t be like this!
There area few posts that I got an amazing response from – posts like “The Bully” and ‘The Bully II“.  I am grateful to have raised awareness on bullying in schools, but I cannot list them as my favourite posts here as I know how much this issue has been with us this year.

This list was actually difficult to chose from – I am silently thankful for all that I have written this year, and am grateful that I have the ‘stories’ down.  Even in another year these posts will be true, and will invoke memories!


Thanks for the great idea Kellie!

Enjoy – and Happy new year!

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