A family dictionary!

24th July 2012


It’s been more than a few days since my last post :s
Busy and absorbed in kids & work!
The trio are now TWO! And with that amongst a great party, I realise has come a new dictionary of words. We have our own family dictionary!!!
Some common sayings –
Emma /
‘mine not yours’
‘I said NO’!
‘My bubbies’
‘my sister’
‘my brother’
‘No nigh nigh’s’
Me Emmah!

Brendan /

Caitlyn /
‘no way’
‘my bubbies’

There’s a seemingly prominent theme – that of ownership, food & sleep! Not much makes these kids tick! Cracks me up how so much focus is on ‘me, you, sister, brother’. With Hayden there was obviously no new as he was not competing! The triplets are constant – and they each have their own way of doing things.

Caitlyn – hmm – red headed mullet and a cheeky grin. She is our fiercely dependant child. She dresses herself (has better clothes coordination than I do – not a great accolade as I’m shocking!) and has to pick her own outfits, shoes and jackets. Caitlyn has to have her way and is sometimes a little bit of a bully. She does goad B a lot….
Caitlyn is hilarious – she has a very cluey view on things and is by far the best at taking direction. She is usually the culprit for punching or biting but will run and get a dummy for her wounded sibling and sit and pat their back!

Emma – this kid is hilarious. Nothing much bothers her and she truly is the easiest of the three most of the time. She has a wicked and gorgeous little giggle and a fiery and quick temper. She is often playing happily by herself. She idolises Hayden and she has a unique bond with him. Her favourite toys are trains! Oh and Dora. She loves Hi 5 and dancing. Actually Emma pretty much likes anything! Non fussy eater too!

Brendan – funny little bugger! He’s busy & never stops. Easily goaded by Caitlyn – he’s a bit of a sensitive kid. Quite possibly the sweetest token ever was that his big brother gave him his doby (one of them) and this is something neither boys can sleep without. Brendan has to have it and so does Hayden. Thankfully we have three of them! Doby got his name from Hayden and it has stuck. All four kids have a ‘doby’.
B is the busy one and is always moving. B speaks well but often chooses not too! He’s the fussy eater too :/

I am totally convinced that they have a language of their own as they respond, do and plot things! They sing to each other – and quite often at 2am B will be singing and Caitlyn & Emma saying ‘Shoosh’!!!

I never thought 10 years ago I would be a mother to four kids. Two was our number – we have doubled that and with three at once! Triplets are amazing, hard work but work that is worth it. Hayden is amazing – he is such a delightful little boy – a little too insightful some days – incredibly smart!

I find the most difficult things of being a multiple mum or even a mum of four is peoples presumptions. Just because I have kids doesn’t mean I cannot do something! The social isolation sometimes is frustrating! I get over the comments constantly that are so judgemental! Where do these people get off? I accept that we are not ‘passé’ or seen everyday, but honestly some grocery trips I really wish I could avoid. I put the kids in a trolley and am told I am caging animals!

But so is the everyday challenge of kids!

Anyway…off to pick Hayden up from school and endure the comments about ‘leashes’ for the kids so I can get them all in safely!!!!

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    Lol you hit the nail on the head with each of the children…..they are all so wonderful….such good children….but then again ask me after my time watching them with your mum, my attitude might change a bit….but highly doubt it…you are both wonderful parents…and all the children could not have asked to come into a more loving family. Love you all xxx

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