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8th April 2013

Hella Autumn & Hello April!  Some days I am dumbfounded that we are in the fourth month already.  Hayden has completed term one of school, and the triplets are 2 years and nine months old today!  Time flies…and lately it has been hectic to say the least!  As you can see, my blog has had an overhaul (and looks amazing) – the very talented Kellie Winnell is totally responsible for the gorgeousness 🙂
So, a catch up of sorts….Tuesday night we had the pleasure of food poisoning.  Three hours in, and about 20 sheets later I had one of those ‘never thought I would be doing’ moments where I was forcing vomit down the sinkhole plugs.  You know those idle moments where you actually stop and think about what you are doing?!  Well that was one of them for me!  And I have to say, ten years ago, I would never have thought I would be forcing vomit down a plug hole!  Thankfully all four kids were perfectly fine by morning, leaving just me to recover and wash (and wash and wash…..)
Every day I am realising is just whizzing on by.  I am so thankful for technology!  I am able to capture so many moments every day with my phone.  Yep, my phone gets more of a work out than my ‘real’ camera these days, but I love the shots!  We have had quite a few milestones lately – B had his first hair cut – he looks like a real little boy now (not that he was fake before, he just had the baby curls!)  Here are some before and after shots –

The curly mullet :)

during the hair cut - so well  behaved!

during the hair cut – so well behaved!

Showcasing his new style :P

Showcasing his new style 😛

The girls can wait a little longer to have their first hair cuts – Caitlyn has crazy curls still…and Emma, well her hair is super long and more than halfway down her back now!

Easter was a quiet event this year.  We went to the family egg painting day – Caitlyn took things into her own hands and went just a little crazy with the paint…

Crazy Pants Caitlyn

Crazy Pants Caitlyn

The kids had a ball painting eggs and catching up with family.  Here are some of their creations – Emma has a very big artistic streak and had to be dragged away from the eggs and paint!!

Emma getting artsy!

Emma getting artsy!

Some of the 'creations' :)

Some of the ‘creations’ 🙂

One of Emma's many eggs

One of Emma’s many eggs

Red handed!

Red handed!

I love this pic - B nicked off with a Hot Cross Bun to eat it - alone!

I love this pic – B nicked off with a Hot Cross Bun to eat it – alone!

Hayden getting in on the body painting!

Hayden getting in on the body painting!

The kids wear ‘old’ clothes for reasons you can clearly see!  They had a ball 🙂

Hayden’s school Easter Parade was very cute – this year he really had his listening ears on and actually did do the dance correctly!  His Bonnet was also a big cute –

School Bush Dance ;)

School Bush Dance 😉

Hayden's Easter Bonnet

Hayden’s Easter Bonnet

Paying attention!

Paying attention!

The Easter Bunny’s visit was very well received in our house – thankfully the Easter Bunny did not go crazy with chocolates!  There was four very happy little kids here on Easter Sunday.  Chocolate after breakfast was according to B “very yummy”!

The Easter Bunny has been :)

The Easter Bunny has been 🙂

March seemed to fly buy – and looking through photos we did what we do so often, went to the museum a few times!  The Explore-A-Sauras exhibit ends this week, and we have had about 4 visits now.  The kids just loved it.  Hayden is already wondering what will be the next exhibit!  More strolls through Southbank on Sunday afternoons where it is still a blistering heat – longing for the cooler days!!  One Sunday recently we stumbled across the supposed nocturnal possum –

Yep, it is a possum!

Yep, it is a possum!


The kids were amazed – we used to get many possums at our previous house but only ever saw them at night.  So Caitlyn was wondering why this possum was ‘awake’ when it wasn’t ‘nigh nigh time!’.  I snapped another cool shot – it is of an Ibis, and whilst they are pests, they are really only around because we leave so much waste!  But here is a cool shot anyways –



This photo actually has no filter – and is not shot in black and white – it is in colour, its just the angle I snapped it at (how the kids saw it – so from 4″ high!).

Daily routine takes over, as we juggle the kids, work and normal day to day things like groceries!  Some days, there is nothing better than nap time.  The trio really try my patience lately, but I guess I am always going to be outnumbered!  In saying that, they are 2 years and 9 months old today and have developed perfectly, and met every milestone often before they should.  I am pretty darn lucky I know, just some days. wow, I am one tired mumma!

We headed to Australia Zoo last Monday.  We bought annual passes last year when we went with some visiting friends.  So we were not bothered about ‘seeing everything’.  Jase forgot the pram…so we had to hire this –

Choo Choo hire!

Choo Choo hire!

The kids loved them – they were great for getting them around and we had often thought about buying them. I think they are probably too old for them now!  We did however, attract a lot of attention!  Hayden was very brave and handled a few creatures –



We spent a great deal of time meandering around and the kids all had a Pony ride.  Interestingly enough, the kids were absolutely entranced by the snakes – in particular, the Taipan!



Our other big milestone – Hayden’s first wiggly tooth!  He is so very excited 🙂

wiggly wobbly tooth with 'adult' tooth behind!

wiggly wobbly tooth with ‘adult’ tooth behind!

I can’t imagine what Hayden is going to look like with his two front teeth missing!  But am surely going to find out soon enough.

That about covers the last few weeks…busy times!

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    AWWW! Loving the update! and the new blog overhaul looks awesome!

  • Reply ceilzz 8th April 2013 at 11:56

    Great photos and great to see what you all have been up to..and oh no not food poisoning!!You haven’t had much luck with those nasty bugs lately. The triplets must need to eat more dirt to build up immunity 🙂 xx Ceilzz

    • Reply Ali Moloney 8th April 2013 at 12:00

      Thanks Ceals 🙂 Yep, no luck lately with germs, but I guess food poisoning is not one I can build them up for 🙁 Trust me, they eat plenty of dirt!

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