Batman, in training!

29th June 2013

So this is how I found Hayden sleeping the other night when I went into check on him (its cold, kids kick blankets off…)


I had to take a picture – bad mum yeah yeah….as this is priceless! He’s never done it before!

When I showed him the next day, he said (like it was totally obvious) ‘mum, superheroes have to train, I’m training to be batman’.

This kid is just hilarious! Obviously in the mind of a six year old, this is exactly how one trains for superherodom. I hope that innocence and delight doesn’t tarnish any time soon – Hayden you’re a little dude!

So, if this should still be accessible in 12-15 years his identify is revealed. If not, Brisbane has a batman! So muggers and general baddies be forewarned!!!

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