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22nd November 2012

For over five years now I have been following several blogs.  It came to me the other day, in some idle moment of quiet thought, that many of these blogs have become ingrained in my daily routines and family life.  One amazing lady – Tamar, has recommended books, shown me crafting techniques, battled and won against breast cancer, and often sent me kind cards with purchases from her – knowing full well what raising more than one baby can do to your sanity.  I have watched her beautiful girls grow through photos and stories on her blog, and I have cried so many times that I cannot count reading her battle with cancer.  Tamar’s blog is here –

Every year for the past four years we have had Tamar’s overnight maple French toast for Christmas breakfast.  I have remodeled a banana bread recipe originally from Tamar that is now a family and friend favourite.  I have a cookbook that has many many recipes from Tamar’s 25 days of Christmas cooking that she ran with some other very cool and clever ladies a few years ago.

I still to this day, read Tamar’s blog.  I still feel amazed by her journey, and how she is so able to capture seemingly small moments and make them memorable.  I have a whole stash of Tarisota goodies that I am still waiting to get into – having triplets kinda puts a halt on craft!

I recently bought Blythe dolls for my girls (well who am I kidding, for me…..) and this was after watching the joy and beauty Poppy bought into the lives of Tamar and her girls!

I find it amazing that the internet can shape so much of what I do, while at the same time realise that this can sound a little stalker like.  I have met Tamar – so I am not a total random stalker!!  I am still in awe of her, and the little cool group of crafters, cool funky mama’s and amazing people that are in the cool craft/art/blythe clique – they are phenomenal!  Mind you, if I said that to them, they would not realise that they are seen like this!

I read through the following blogs as well –

And recently –

Each of these women are amazingly talented, humble and just beautiful.  I wish there was more time in the world and that I could sit in a room with them and just craft and talk.  They are a wealth of information about anything craft, Blythe and just life and kids – it is like reading about my day sometimes, only more exciting and descriptive!  I am sure that they would have absolutely no idea how much of an impact they have on other people’s day to day lives.  And would be more than humbled by it!

I am constantly amazed how much we can learn from a blog, a you tube video or even social media.  It is so engrained into many of our lives now that we check our mailbox (as in real, old school, snail mail!!!), our email, our Facebook, our twitter, we blog, the list is endless!  The responsibilities of adulthood? Well, I do check most of the above, but am not much of a tweeter, think my ability to say something in 140 characters or less is often limited!  My husband has ‘his’ blogs and websites that he visits daily, and it is interesting to look at his bookmark bar compared to mine.  Mine have the above blogs, and then work stuff, but then random craft stuff that is on my ‘to do’ list.    I find it interesting to see what people have in their bookmark bar – it’s almost like a little insight into someone’s personality!  Mine is obviously eclectic, busy, ordered, but random!

I also find Instagram is amazing – random snapshots of days, events and just cool things! I always get a little kick out of people ‘liking’ my photo – especially other crafters (even the lovely ladies in the blogs above!), and then my ‘followers’ as my photo could have made someone else’s day! I have even had ‘the’ Australia Zoo like my photos from our trip there on Tuesday!  How cool is that?!!  My username on Instagram is vcu23 if you are interested!  Here is an overview of a month’s photos – cool eh?!


I love photography full stop, and all year this year, I have taken a photo of the day using the Project 365 App.  I have not had any rhyme or reason for the photo, some POTD’ers have specific meanings for each day – I think if I overthought it I would forget to take a photo.  My photos are random, often of kids, or something small that I would probably normally forget, so I am really glad that I have done it.  I am certain I got onto the Project 365 App from one of the blogs! I cannot recommend it enough – it is so nice to look back and see little things that I would not normally have remembered or photographed.  Looking at the kid’s growth, Jason’s weight loss (he has lost over 25 kgs now!!) and other milestones in our lives is nice – especially in my fast paced and chaotic world!

I use my iPhone well – and again, most of the photography apps in particular are from a tutorial on one of the above blogs!  I am actually really wanting to get an iPhone 5 for the panorama mode.  Scary but true!  Love my 4S and love the photos I take, but I want more!  Especially seeing as I mostly work with my phone as hands are full (too full for Canon Eos!!) with 2 ½ year old wriggling worms!  I got asked the other day what I like taking photos of – well I struggled to answer as I love photographing just about anything.  In an ideal world, I would love to get up and have the sunrise shots, the nature shots, the panoramic shots, and just the random life shots that project laughter, love, beauty and joy.  I guess I will have to wait until the kids are older to rip out the ‘good’ camera more often!

Anyway, back to the blogs!! At the end of every day, I still aim to be a better mother; wife, friend etc., and I find so much inspiration from these lovely ladies and their blogs.  My bad day is often made so much nicer reading about a lovely achievement, seeing a gorgeous craft project or just reading someone else’s day’s events.

So much of my time is taken caring for the kids, working, and cleaning, that the brief moments of time I get to me, I love to spend reading.  I don’t read as many novels as I would like, and I don’t read every post on every day – due to time, but I do read these blogs!

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