8th April 2012






Happy Easter everyone!
Today was lovely – four very excited kids after a visit from the Easter bunny! Brendan was stealing from other siblings baskets and it was on!

We ventured out to the ‘hidden playground’ in Fitzgibbon. It was our first visit and we will be going back! Sand instead of bark (all The better for eating!) and lots of climbing and bridges to keep all four amused!

Easter has crept up quickly for sure – the trio will be 2 soon! A few of my lovely friends have bubbas who celebrated their first Easter this year – time flies! The trio are exactly 21 months old today!!!!

Made a carrot cake today – it is the recipe from one of my lovely friends mum – good ‘ole Mrs Payne! I used to love it when she made it for us kids -mouth would water at the thought! Well, she gave me the recipe last year and oh goodness – its divine!!! Do you think 1/2 a kill of icing sugar is bad?!?

The other pic is from our walk the other day. It was just gorgeous. Kids spent ages checking out the tadpoles – I remember catching them as a kid!!!

I have been getting a workshop for Stampin’ Up! On Thursday – many thanks to my mother in law for hosting it for me! I am very excited!

I am finding myself addicted to words with friends – and seriously competitive!!! My husband is refusing to play me anymore :/ he keeps resigning when I get ripper words out! Not my fault I’m a nerd and write a great deal of course work for nursing!

It must be time for a cup of tea and some yummy carrot cake I made today!

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