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Ikea…or is that Idea?!

10th November 2012

Ikea Ikea Ikea!

Ikea, sadly some may say, in our family is a big day out!  We all pulse with excitement traveling down to Logan to step into the shop that has something for all six of us!  Little Miss Emma refers to it as Idea and not Ikea, which I think is just so apt!  Anyway, the enthusiasm is completely and utterly endless – well at least until we get to the candles and plants – the last bit before having to get all the flat pack stuff….gah!  Right about here, the excitement and eagerness is well and truly gone, and we are trying to pluck up the courage and patience to pay, find and pack our chosen stuff!  Try pushing a loaded trolley and a twin pram!  Thank goodness for monkey arms 😛

Anyway, we ventured down today with a few things on our list.  Yes, the excitement of our new home is still highly evident huh?!

So – the list –

Beds (yes BEDS) for the triplets

A desk for me

And a bookcase

One of the first things we saw was this – ah, its soooo pretty!!  I love how their displays just come together.  I think if I tried to replicate this, it would be one of two things – trashed in 10 minutes, or so off kilter its not funny.  But here is my fave set up from today –

We actually contemplated not going today – as it was absolutely bucketing rain.  We decided to go, take longer looking and hope for the best!  This cracked me up – even Ikea has a leaky roof!  There was two spots where they had the tubs towels and signs out – hilarious!

Nice to see that the trofast drawers have other good uses!  In our house they are full of trains, dolls, and (white rocks!) gosh knows what else!

One of the highlights for the kids is the food.  Lunch is a must and I guess we seem to plan our trip around it! We generally try to ‘finish’ getting around the top floor and past the children’s section before getting some tucker.  Meatballs, meatballs, meatballs!  Yummo!  Kids had – wait for it – chips and nuggets!   These are the big cheesy smiles I got (excuse the food in mouths).

So, back to the meandering….hummed and hahed about so many things – and many things were thought about for ‘later’!  We were so torn with the kids beds – they have so many beautiful little kiddies beds, but in all fairness, I think every day we will find at least two of them curled up together (like know where B crawls out of his cot and goes to sleep next to his sisters!), so we had to opt for size.  Plain, but nice – three of these –

Flat pack fun…..

So this is part one – there is the slats and mattresses as well!!!  As our luck would have it they had no sheets to fit these beds 🙁  So I think we will just be raiding Hayden’s older single sheets and folding them down! There is much jotting down aisle numbers and such important information on the crappy tiny little piece of paper you get – which Jase *always* seems to lose!  The kids decorated it a little at lunch, and perhaps added a few things….Hayden wrote trains on there!  After getting through the kids section relatively unscathed (except for the trains, which are now only $14.99 for the set if you are interested!!!) we headed down stairs for the wrap up walk through.

Finally – it seems like ages since we entered, and we are all disorientated as it is dark from rain; we make it to the ‘end’.  The self serve bit where you have to grab all the stuff you have so excitedly jotted down!  The kids all seem to look skyward when we make it to the ‘serve yourself’ area – it is so big!  Massive isles that seem to go on and on and up and up!

Here is Hayden ‘helping’ and Jason right down the end gathering more supplies!  I think there was only a few things left to get by this stage…
We managed to ‘just’ fit everything on the flat trolley.  Just.  Getting down to the car was tricky!  Ikea have this awesome special on at the moment – spend $250 and you get a $25 gift voucher.  So we have a voucher for a nice little sum for next time (and trust me it will be soon – their Christmas stuff is divine but alas no room!!!)

So today, we got plenty of idea’s, plenty of bits and bobs that will make our house more homely, and the big drum roll….beds for the triplets.  Three little beds all in a row, who will sleep in which – we don’t know!  We will make them up specifically for each child, but I am sure, like now, B will end up sleeping with one of his sisters!  I think it will change each day – but Emma will likely stay sleeping solo – she is a mass of dark curly hair, drool and arms splayed – I think only her blanky would chose to share!

So, Ikea for idea’s for our Saturday.  A long and tiring day – packing up the trailer…unpacking the trailer…in rain…but worth it!  Cannot wait to use my new bookcase and desk.  Not looking forward to all the giggling and shenanigans from the kids in beds….

Stay tuned!

Happy Sunday 🙂

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