Planking – Triplet Style

17th June 2013

Yep, the name says it all.  Planking – with a triplet twist.  We often sit and wonder ‘what’ they will do next.  We try to out manoeuvre and out think these guys, but clearly, we are more than three steps behind.  Today’s “let’s play” was planking; well a very basic form of it.

We awoke to an almighty bang.  Sprung out of bed – and found a bed slat on the floor and a hole in the wall.  Now lets back up a bit here.  Months ago, we nailed down all the slats on the beds to prevent the 2am games of slideybeds.  Obviously, one slat was missed.  So, Caitlyn, who is now against the wall, sleeping away from Brendan and Emma (her choice, and surprisingly Brendan and Emma were fine with it) had put the slat from her bed to Emma’s and was using it as a bridge to walk over to her siblings beds.  It went a little pear shaped the second time when Brendan tried to do it, as he thought he would move it and then in moving it, he put it straight through the wall.

There are many points here to try and discuss.  And for all of you non-believers, you are more than welcome to stay over a night and see exactly what these little imps get up too!

The recollection of the story took the whole day to obtain.  With not ONE of them owning up or dobbing on who did what.  It was not until I put them to bed tonight that they finally decided to tell me what happened.

The conversation went something like this –

Why is there a hole in the wall?

Caitlyn – it was accident.  Brendan was trying to make a better bridge.

Brendan – Yeah (he really says yeah!!) I was trying to fix Caitlyn’s bridge.

Emma – it was a bridge to my bed. My bed is where you land after the bridge.

Why were you using the wood from your bed?

Emma – don’t be silly Mummy, we can’t make a bridge out of anything else (yes she really said that).

You know that you are not supposed to play with the wooden slats, that is why Daddy nailed them down.

Caitlyn – but we didn’t play slideybeds Mummy.  This was no same.

*I am really trying to NOT laugh so hard by this stage*

Why did you need a bridge?

Caitlyn – to get to the other side a different way.  It was fun.

Brendan – we had to try to get over floor.  Yeah.  I tried to fix it, but it broke.

Right about now, I lost it!  I mean seriously – who thinks like this?  Talk about teamwork!  I have to give it to them – they did not dob on each other (and Caitlyn is the first to dob!!) all day nor would they tell us what happened.

We walked into a room with beds moved, a slat on the floor, and a hole in the wall.  And three faces knowing they were about to cop a smack on the bum.

The hole...

The hole…

They took the smack on the bum, and refused to talk about it all day.  Until bed time.  Probably as Daddy is at the Broncos they fear little to no punishment from me!  Earlier this afternoon I had promised them that we would make banana bread tomorrow (we finally have some brown bananas – which is no easy feat in a 6-8 banana a day family!!); and the were so concerned that because they finally told me who did what they would not get any banana bread!  Oh the insight!

This honestly, was one of the funniest things they have done.  There is no way to prevent their imagination or ingenuity.  Trust me though, there was no slat left unturned or un-nailed today, so this cannot happen again. It could have gone badly, with one getting clocked in the head – but we cannot watch them every minute of every day, and accidents happen.  I am in no means making light of the situation, but these guys are a force to be reckoned with!!!  Funny thing is, I can picture them doing this, and Caitlyn would not have been in direct line of of the slat – she would have been pushing the other bed with Emma…so it was likely very well planned.  I wonder sometimes – do they just lay in their beds and discuss and plan what they are going to do? Their imagination is unbelievable!

The joys of parenthood eh?  This is definitely one of the stories that will live on for a long time and be recounted to them by Jase in his innate ability to story tell masterfully at their 21st!

So now they are all in the land of nod, no doubt dreaming up what scheme or game they can do!

And no, we are not getting video cameras for their rooms!


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  • Reply Terry 18th June 2013 at 07:27

    Ha Ha Ha – Shhh don’t tell them I laughed…. This is hilarious, maybe they’ll all grow up to be writers for ‘The Simsons’!!! -so ingenious x

    • Reply Ali Moloney 18th June 2013 at 07:35

      I laughed too mate! Seriously!!! Only my bloody kids would do this!! Parent of the year right here lol!

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