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13th November 2012

Ever had one of ‘those’days? Well today is mine! I feel like its 10pm already and am ready for bed. I accept that I’m grossly outnumbered! But today has been horrible!!!

Hayden opened the door & let ‘them’ (them being the triplets!!) out before I had had a chance to prepare! They preceded to pour two litres of milk over the floor trying to make their breakfast with this as their cereal –



Can’t help but laugh can you?! All this occurred in the space of 2 minutes! I was changing a nappy – and B and Caitlyn went wild. They obviously thought yoghurt would be nice too as there was yoghurt on the ‘side’.

So after cleaning it all up, with the phrase ‘there’s no use crying over spilt milk’ running through my head; I make them breakfast. B, with his coordination knocked it off the table! More spilt milk….

Breakfast over, kids go out to jump on trampoline –


We got this on Saturday and the kids love it. Anyway, as my luck would have it, B steps in a fresh, top of the morning dog ablution. Isn’t happy about it and therefore in his attempts to ‘get it off’ has dog poo from, well everywhere. So, onto the third set of clothes for B.

Mid poo cleanup, the oven man knocks and I think thought twice about staying!! New thermostat, and I have a working oven.

So – made up some banana bread, very excited about using my lovely oven –


Timer on my phone goes off and I wonder why I’m not ‘smelling’ the bread – timer on oven off – so oven off – so to add to my day (who says bad things come in threes?!!) the bread isn’t cooked and now I’m not sure if its going to be super dodgy or not as it didn’t cook solidly for an hour…..

Time will tell on the banana bread! Was so looking forward to a cup of tea with it!

Kids are in their room – wont say in bed as I can here them giggling and not sleeping. Putting them into beds has been painful! They needed to do it, but they just run around and play! Or wake each other up!

Anyways, whilst they are in there room, I am going to have a much needed cup of tea, and wish it was night time already!!!!!

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  • Reply Terry 13th November 2012 at 08:30

    Ha ha, so do love reading about long past memories. They weren’t triplets but 3 in 11 months might suffice. Come over, forget the tea, we’ll have a nice Red.

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