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10th November 2014

Another post about Week in the Life – the concept by Ali Edwards 🙂  I started putting together our week in the life, and it is a big task!  I am so glad I took so many notes, and also so many pictures.  I have found that I have really looked deeply into what I do every day, and what we do, and it is amazing how much we cram into the every day!  There never seems to be much downtime at all, until the kids are in bed at night! I have been honest in all the documenting, so if there were naughty kids, drawings on walls, baby oil in hair, it is in there.  There is no sugarcoating any of it.


From another perspective of documenting – I also wanted to keep a ‘right now’ focus and look at things like groceries, what we consume and how much of it, and what our ‘trends’ for food were.  It has been interesting looking at just how much food we go through, and reassuring in many ways.  They are getting enough fruit and vegetables!  To put my Week in the Life together, I have used the kit that Ali Edwards had for sale, and have just added in stuff from my stash.  I have enjoyed using the pocket pages, only wish that I had more provided as I have a great deal of journalling to add in and also I wanted to print out my blog posts from the week to add in.  I will work that out ;).  I have also one for each day a 6×8 digital page and a collage.  So I need to get those printed off to finalise my album.



My album is just blue cloth.  I found this in the packaging – it is also cloth and have just glued it on.  I am actually not sure where it is from!  But I like it there.  For my cover page, I have used the 2×2 inch page protectors and some PL cards.


I have got random photos on the back of this page from the week that I really like.  They tell their own story so I have no journalling on them.  I am nearly finished this!  I have found that it does take time to get through each day.  I have tried to document as much as I can in the morning/afternoon/evening card provided and still have so much to say some days.  The stories  might seem a bit boring now, but I know that in a years time things will have changed significantly, so it will be amazing to have a little insight into what it was like.  It was also not a normal week for me as I had annual leave so finished work Monday morning at 0400 hours.  So no more night shifts for the week.  But I am not going to let that hinder this.  I have work in there, but it is not the sole focus of the week.


Here are some pages from inside – I still have to finish Saturday and Sunday and also get the daily pages printed.


WITL Sunday CP


IMG_0145WITL Tues pics




Over the course of the week I kept tallies (roughly) on some things.  Little things for some, but they make up so much of my day!  Here are a few Moloney Statistics!

Foodwise – over the week we consumed –

5kg of Bananas

4.5 kg of apples

3kg of grapes

1kg of potatoes

2kg of carrots

500g peas

12L of Milk

8 loaves of bread

18 eggs

500g butter

2kg of yoghurt

500gm of cheese

500gm of rice

1kg of mince

2kg of chicken

1kg of fish

300mL cream

1kg of weetbix

450gm Nutri grain

400gm Special K

And the list goes on….

Then other things, or incidentals that are basically a part of my every day –

Text messages sent – 185

Phone calls – 24

Loads of washing – 5 (7.5kg front loader)

Emails answered/received – 192

Time in car driving kids around – 3 hours 20 mins

Time spent waiting for kids between ‘things’ – 2 hours

Time spent doing groceries – 3 1/2 hours (incl travel)

Coffees bought – one (sad huh?!)

Cups of tea – 20 (over the week, some higher caffeine than others…)

Muffins baked – 18 (and all eaten by kids!!!)

Time spent cooking/baking – 8.5 hours

Dishwasher used – 9 times

Time spent preparing lunches – 2 hours

Bandaids applied – 6

Monsters scared away – 4 (one was even a ninja monster, so I had to get creative)

Lullabies sung – 10

Hugs – stopped counting at 50 as it was getting crazy!


And so many other things that I am still compiling.  I have notes.  Lots of them.  This will take a bit of time to really portray the week.  And I really want to try and work out how to make more or get more page protectors so I can add all of this in.  Because this is the priceless part!  It is amazing seeing what really makes up your week!










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  • Reply Mel Darcy 10th November 2014 at 02:14

    I love the statistics!! I will totally be stealing that idea for next time I do WITL!!!! Love that you’ve noted that Jase doesn’t get to ‘see with his own eyes’ your Tuesdays – such a reminder of why we do what we do in our memory keeping!!!

    • Reply Ali 10th November 2014 at 03:09

      You could still add the statistics in mate! I loved writing them all down, have some more to compile yet!

      • Reply Mel Darcy 10th November 2014 at 03:30

        I really should, but I think I’ll make a focal page next time of how many loads of washing, how many times we watch particular movies etc etc when I actually have the numbers to back it up!! My OCD won’t cope with numbers that are made up 🙂

        • Reply Ali 10th November 2014 at 03:36

          Haha! You crack me up! I would not cope if they were made up either!!!

  • Reply Kellie Winnell 10th November 2014 at 02:30

    I love this Ali! Love the pictures, the stories, the food, but most of all you gave me a laugh with the baby oil. Question is, was her hair soft and silky?

    • Reply Ali 10th November 2014 at 03:08

      Haha!! It was super soft, but it still looked a bit oily! She did not care, but you know you are a mum when you worry that their hair looks dirty…ho hum!

  • Reply Carol Fry 10th November 2014 at 02:46

    Ali this is an awesome post!! I love the list so much, you really have documented the important stuff (monsters scared away is super cool!!) <3

    • Reply Ali 10th November 2014 at 03:07

      Oh thank you Carol! Scary monsters might be abolished next year! So I thought about recording it ‘all’!!!

  • Reply di @ lime&soda 10th November 2014 at 04:17

    I loved all the statistics Ali. A fun way of recording this point of time in your life.

    • Reply Ali 10th November 2014 at 04:59

      Thanks Di!! I how the kids will see the funny side of it one day!

  • Reply Jodie | Polka Dot Creative 10th November 2014 at 04:24

    Ali you are a machine! Beautifully done. Also I love your new site!!!! And look…I can leave comments!! YAY!!! xxxxxxx

    • Reply Ali 10th November 2014 at 04:59

      Thanks Jodie!!! I’m glad you can leave comments easily now – cause yours ways make me smile

  • Reply Sue Brown 12th November 2014 at 09:57

    Love your stats Ali. I did Week in the life digitally this year and printed as a 6×8 I figured it was the only way I could keep up atm. So happy I did it, mine was done rather selfishly, nothing about kids etc just me, my thoughts, feelings and selfies each day. Loved it. thanks for sharing yours.

    • Reply Ali 12th November 2014 at 14:53

      Hey Sue! I saw some of your digital pages on Facebook – they are awesome!! I have a bit of info about me in there as well and it is really my story as my hubby works away. I am so glad I did it too – still need to finish it up!! Gotta print off some 6×8’s 🙂 Thanks for your lovely comments!

    Leave a Reply