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Currently Creative

15th October 2014

I am smiling as I type these words as I now know how to crochet!  Basic stuff, small baby steps – but I CAN do it!  It has had me confused and confounded for a long time.  Thanks to a You Tube video I have mastered the Granny Square.  Now there was frustration, unraveling and lots of swear words.  And now, I hear the lady’s voice in my head when I crochet “put your yarn around your hook” over and over!  I have made quite a few granny squares now, and am currently working on a blanket.  Simple, just a never ending granny square –

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Currently Creative – Link Up

25th June 2014

Currently Creative #2

I am sharing on the currently creative link-up that Kellie from Give a Girl a Blog is holding today my current goodies!

Right now, I am working on a blanket, it is a simple notion – from Martha Stewart, “if you can knit a scarf, you can knit a blanket” the pattern is here.  I actually stumbled across this pattern via Kellie!  I have started it recently and am moving along quite well.  The kids are now requesting a knitted blanket also!  This one is for our bed, so a queen size.

IMG_5818I am using pure wool, and it is surely warm!  I have about 60″ done!  So I am getting there.  I am using three colours, White, navy and maroon.  Long story, but our first ‘grown’ up set of sheets were this colour so it is a bit of a laugh!

The other creative outlet is PL – I have done a few weeks catching up here, and am still loving the simplicity and the process.

PL week 12

PL week 12

IMG_5780My other avenue of creating is cooking.  My youngest kids turn four next week, so they had a special lunch at Kindy on Monday for them.  Three individual tastes, three different cupcakes – For Brendan, chocolate cup cakes –

IMG_5786For Emma, orange cake and orange icing –

IMG_5784And finally, for what was our chicken little, Caitllyn (or Cakelyn!!) pink ‘tasting’ cakes with pink icing.  Settled for strawberry cupcakes and strawberry icing.

IMG_5785That is about it from me of late!