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21st April 2013

If you are yet to jump onto the Instagram bandwagon – do it!  It is a visual array that is so much nicer than some of the Facebook status updates!  Full of inspiration, laughter, fun and love, I totally love flicking through my IG feed!

Instagram is also a very cool way to document your life – if you are totally crap at forgetting what you have done everyday you can aim for a photo every few days – it only takes looking at that photo again to remember exactly what you were doing!  The beauty is that many places are printing Instagram photos now – Origrami is Australian and particularly cool – I totally love the little boxes the photos come in!

Then there is always the ‘love’.  When famous people or places ‘like’ your photo – yup I am a nerd at heart, and I totally get excited and happy when someone uber cool has liked my photo!  And there have been a few times now!

'The' Australia Zoo :)

“the” Australia Zoo 🙂


Amy Tan's Very Cool Mum!

Amy Tan’s Very Cool Mum!

I am vcu23 if you want to follow me 🙂

Hope your Sunday is good where ever you are at!