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Rain rain go away


Rainy days…still…

30th June 2013

The rain! There has been so much of it lately, and it is quite literally sending my kids stir crazy!

We have resorted to lots of cooking and hidey go seek and ABC kids! We had a few outside plays with gumboots – but it was a little too muddy courtesy of the construction of the cubby house! The cubby house is DIY – and I think Jase is getting a few more grey hairs every day. It looks amazing though!!!


We have no added the slide, fort & frame for the swings. It’s amazing! It’s pouring rain so I don’t have a better shot – but the kids love it!!!

So, inside, and fighting over any toy they can…has led to much cooking! We tried a rainbow cake for the first time on Friday – it came out ok! But I didn’t have blue, so Brendan chose brown for chocolate!! Here is my first attempt (well ours)


It wasn’t even, but it tasted good! Lasted all of 24 hours (it was small!!). So I figured we could try again. Solve the issue of who gets to lick the bowl by giving them their own colour bowl after its been used – miracle!!!! It worked a treat! Ok – so this time we made six layers and I evened out the mixture by measuring 1 & 1/2 cup for each layer. This time it’s a colour for each of us – Red for Jase, aquamarine for me, ‘hulk’ green for Hayden, Blue for Brendan, Orange for Emma and pink for Caitlyn.


So the cake, after baking, and icing looked like this – and we all think its pretty cool!!!


It’s huge! So I dare say it will take a while to get through! It looks so cool when you cut it! The kids love it (and it is yummy!). It took a couple of hours from wo to go so was a good time waster.


There has been colouring, and a wall drawing incident (culprit will not own up), and many scream fests. So, rain ease ease up!!


One thing that can stop all the tears, tantrums and fights – is Peppa Pig. Stops all four in their tracks – and not a peep for 15 mins!! Peppa Pig – you are a sanity saver!!! So now, as Peppa pig has just started, I can start cooking dinner and not have four squishy beings fighting for lap space or fighting with each other over a matchbox car!!

Hope your rainy day is as ok as it can be!!!!