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On being Mama

30th March 2015

It’s not all that its cracked up to be. Sure, there are countless hugs, smiles and ‘I love you’s’ but there is SO. Much. Doubt. Doubting of yourself, your decisions and your methods. Worrying about the ‘big picture’ the things that might be a direct response from your decision to feed your kids weetbix for tea because you are simply exhausted, haven’t had time to organize dinner and have not got any fight left in you after being battled all day by four inquisitive and sharp minds.


The constant chatter, both in your mind and all around you. The yearning for silence, and then when they are all asleep wanting to wake them up and talk to them or just hear them laugh. The arguments in your head – you talk yourself in and out of things in a matter of seconds. The way you quickly adjust to this gig and simply put yourself last, every time. Sharing everything, dividing whatever it is you are eating into five pieces, equal pieces. The ability to risk assess and manage almost any playground, park or play area in a matter of seconds. Knowing exactly what your child wants, often before they even ask for it.

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The Bully, Part II

7th December 2014

Earlier this week, Hayden was bullied at school.  I can say the term bullied because it is was not an isolated event.  He has been bullied several times this year – which in itself is not a good thing.  We have been working with Hayden and the school for these ‘situations’, which has been since Term 1.  This week though was the first time something of that nature occurred.  We still don’t know exactly who did it.  Which is mildly frustrating.  I do wish we could find out, not for any other reason than I would want to know that that child is not going to do it again; and that they are ok as it is not a common thing to just urinate on kids clothes.

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