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{Holi}dazed and confused

14th April 2015

school holidays – love them or hate them, in Queensland we are half way through the first lot of holidays for the year. While they offer a brief respite from the madness that is the morning rush, the change of routine and forced time together usually spells fighting, bickering, arguing, and frustration.

This set of holidays has seen all manner of arguments. Ranging from seemingly insignificant to life or death matters concerning minecraft, Lego or my little pony. Matters so dire that tears, tantrums and punching is invoked. And let me tell you, it’s downright tiring.

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Old School(ish)

10th April 2015

Remember the childhood memories like getting mail that was actually addressed to you? Licking the beaters from baking? Reading for hours, without having to account for your time? I do. My FAVOURITE bits of being a kid. A time, in retrospect, where you are not really responsible for anything except your own hygiene and a few chores. No real jobs. No real pressing issues.


Well, I have four tiny humans who I am trying to ensure grow up with some ‘cool’ kid memories and an imagination. Easier said than done with the addition of touch just about anything screens. Non-digital (do we call them analogue?!) books competing with electronic touch screen e-readers that have colour, fancy pictures and well; they don’t make your hand go numb while contorting yourself to read and stay awake and not upset the dog, who is fast encroaching on your space. Sometimes it is a no-brainer, the e-version is heaps cheaper, and you get it instantly. But something still is so incredibly satisfying about holding a book. The weight. The page turning.

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Around here…

20th April 2014

Around here there has been so much going on – which is hardly surprising when I stop and think about why I might be busy!  There always seems to be something to do, and some things that are not done yet as there are not enough hours in the day.  But days are filled up with four little beings who leak energy non stop and never seem to be out of any energy.  I only wish it was contagious, as quite honestly, some days I would sleep all day given the chance!

We are in school holidays right now, and we have had quite an eventful two weeks!  We have successfully been to a movie and been able to sit the whole way through!  I was nervous that we would end up leaving half way through and that Hayden would miss out on seeing all of the Lego movie.  Well, I was proven wrong!  The trio were amazing!  Not sure if was that they loved the movie, or that it was completely full, but they did not muck up at all!  I actually even got to watch the movie.



everything is awesome!

everything is awesome!


It is the first school holidays the triplets have had.  They have now completed their first term of Kindy.  A milestone in itself!  The holidays sees them enjoying the relaxed routine, but also asking when they are going back to Kindy as they are missing the play and the kids there.  I really can see why so many parents go round the bend and cannot wait for school holidays to be over!  These guys have had a busy few weeks with lots of picnics, parks, play and fun, and yet it seems to not really be enough!

In saying that, it is actually unbelievable that we are nearing the end of April *already*.  The year is almost one third completed (I seem to use the rule of thirds a lot!!) which is scary considering it still feels like January some days!

And March is done!

And March is done!

Every day I still collect one photo at least that is shows some significance of the day.  It is a great memory keeping device, and this is the third year I am doing it.  Works well with my Project Life spread as well 🙂  The kids do like looking at the photos and seeing things we were doing even a month ago is the source of a good laugh some days!  It is also a great way to see the subtle changes in my little chickens as they grow.  And they grow every day!  Emma no longer refers to grapes as “Apple Trees” any more.  I find that sad as it was so darn cute!  I have even asked if she would like some apple trees for morning tea and she corrects me – “Mum they are grapes, not apple trees”!!

They really are growing so fast. And they hear everything! I was delivering a class to some of my students a few weeks ago and they were listening to all of the anatomical terms and points of our bodies. I always find it amazing that my children take interest in what their Mum or Dad do for work, and seem to want to know the quirks of our jobs.  Being both a teacher and a nurse, the kids often think it is tricky that I can do two jobs that are kind of the same.  Anyway, here is their version of anatomy –

I think it is just a bit cute.   I think toilet humour will never grow old.  Like NEVER.  Haha!

We went to Dreamworld the other day, and it was a great day.  The girls and I got to spend a bit of time in the Fairy Shop and we walked out with two full bags of fairy and princess goodness (and in all equality, the boys got some super cool stuff in the animal store at Dreamworld).  There was much deliberating and oohing and aahing, but no fighting over the same thing (it honestly *never* ceases to amaze me how inately different these two girls are).  It was a very exciting shopping trip!

The end result is that we have a rainbow fairy (Emma)  and a princess (Caitlyn). Caitlyn wants to be a princess when she is ‘a growed up’.  When pressed for a name, she often quips, “Princess PooPoo” much to the humour of many siblings and friends. Emma is quite firm in her aspirations – she wants to be a Ghostbuster, but wants to wear a rainbow uniform and not the brown one.  Chalk and cheese right there.

Onto the dresses.  They are so cute.  I mean they are heart melting – that is how cute they are.  It is one of those mummy moments when you think, ‘yep, I have little girls’ – much the same as the lego moments, or dump trucks or dirt and mud for boys.  Filled with pride and wonder for what these gorgeous little beauties will become, and how they will remember this day, if at all.  I did get a bit teary truth be told – but more so from their comments than anything else.

Two pretty girls!

Two pretty girls!

So this was the dressed up result.  Gorgeous!  They were both using their wands and aside from turning their brothers into toads, they were wishing big.  I mean really big – and this comment/wish made my heart full.  “Mummy, when I get bigger, I want to magic the whole world to have cups of tea and cake, *every day*”.  I think this is gorgeous.  The insight into this – ‘everyone would be much happier mummy if they had a nice cup of tea and some cake every day – just like a birthday’.  We don’t have cake every day, but Caitlyn says ‘Happy Birthday’ everyday to someone (usually me) in the hope that there will be cake.  Cute, and long running as she has been doing it for over a year!  She also has been of late, introducing herself as “Cakelyn” as she wants to have ‘cake’ in her name.  I hope she remembers this, as I can see the neurons firing and the ideas and imagination just in full swing.  She is a delight – all my kids are, and what makes it even more delightful is their differences.  Emma is all for cups of tea and cake everyday, but she thinks that it would be good to have drawing and colouring every day with pens that smell like strawberries.  This is the stuff I want to remember!  Little minds completely open to any dream and hope. My job as their mum is to keep those minds open, enquiring and fuelled.  If there has to be tea and cake every day to keep them adequately fuelled, so be it!

So that is about what has been going on around here lately!

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15th January 2013

I just love the wonder and delight of children. A view totally untainted by anything! Flowers are wondrous and you can spend all day looking at them! Same as clouds! And the laughter, I wish it could be bottled! I just love hearing my kids laugh. It’s the loveliest sound 🙂

When my kids have a nap, I love that when they wake up they are so happy to see you – I get surrounded by them – all wanting a ‘huggle’ and a kids and with them all saying over and over ‘mummy mummy, hi mummy!’ With the occasional ‘luff you’ in the mix. It’s indescribable how noisy it is and how no matter how crappy a day you are having, this can lift your spirits. And it’s not just Brendan, Emma and Caitlyn that do that! Hayden, bless his beautiful soul, still is so happy to see you when he wakes up, or when he hasn’t seen you. It’s just beautiful, I wonder how long it will last for.

In an effort to try and remember all of this, and little quirks like ‘apple trees’ I am competing Project Life. I have completed week two and am so happy with the simplicity and format. I really don’t realise sometimes how much we fit into a week on this moloney mayhem!!! This week I used a mini kit from Polka Dot Creative and a few little bits from Seafoam from Becky Higgins. The kit was not something I normally would have used – and that is why I really wanted to use it! I think it looks great – and I even used parts of the packaging in my pages!!





I really think this is such a wonderful way to capture our lives. We are all so busy, and I do focus on the things that are not south fun like work so often that I forget what else fills up my day! I also am impressed with the time factor – this page is simple, and that is the aim, so it doesn’t take long. This took about ~40 mins? And most of that was my indecision!!!

I hope to look at each week differently now with Project Life in mind. I know I take enough photos, and I just need to make it all mean more than a picture! I have been looking at other people’s pages and getting so much inspiration! It is amazing how many different takes there are on similar things!

In other news, toilet training is starting – Toilet Training Triplets – TTT!! It’s very novel and I suspect it’s going to take quite a while! Try listening to three giggling toddlers and keep a straight face! They all stripped down nuddy too!!


So stay tuned to how many accidents there are!!

The Moloney’s also have two new pets – we rescued two adult cats from the RSPCA last week. Nelix (6) and Sushi (1) (who was named Suki but kids can’t say it!). They are both adjusting well and are very lovely!!



Moloney Mayhem is so fitting!

Happy Tuesday everyone 🙂